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Doing What We Can't

Doing What We Can't

Doing What We Can't

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Caddyboo Golf Towel

Caddyboo Golf Towel - golf towel
  • Moist Surface

    Once you wet the microfiber lining, it will remain moist all day long for a round of golf.

  • Leakproof

    The waterproof membranes enable the cleaning surface to stay moist and your pockets dry.

  • Magnetic Seal

    A powerful magnetic seal traps dirt, keeping your hands and pocket clean at all times.

  • Ultra Low Profile

    The small, slim device easily fits in your hand and your pocket without compromise.


After using it for several rounds I must tell you I think this is an excellent product.  It was very convenient to use and saved me from having to use my hand to clean the ball. At first I was worried the Caddyboo would leak water into my pocket while I was carrying it but that never happened! It is a nice size that fits easily into my pocket, yet still covers a good portion of the ball's surface when cleaning.

Greetings and thanks. As a member of PGA Partners, I was sent one of your washers, and I want to tell you it's great. I wore out two Golf Rounds in the past, and your Caddyboo has them beat. Three of my regular golf partners bought Golf Rounds after they saw me using one for quite a while, and now they're interested in your product. I wasn't aware of where they could buy one, and then this evening as I was washing mine out, I noticed for the first time your web address. I'll tell them now where they can go to purchase one. Thanks again for a great golf tool! 

I received a Caddyboo in the mail yesterday, and tried it today.  I'm impressed.  It worked perfectly and just as advertised.  I was somewhat skeptical about it being leakproof, so at first I didn't wet it very much, but after a few holes I literally dipped it in water, wiped it off, and stuck it in my pocket.  No leaks and no mess.  And I putted with a clean ball on every hole.  I'll definitely be showing it to my friends.

I would recommend Caddyboo to those who demand a clean ball and the best possible performance.  The Pocket's positives far outweigh its negatives.  I will continue to use CaddyBoo over the Ballzee.

I'm a member of The PGA Tour Partners Club, and I recently received and tested your Caddyboo. It's a great tool to help keep the ball clean, improves hitability of the ball, thus increasing game performance and reducing my score. Sincerely,

I received the Caddyboo and have been using it for about three weeks.  I find it useful, handy and convienent.  It sure saves from the sloppy towel routine.  Good product hope it goes will for you.