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Caddyboo Christmas Sale

€18,00 €30,00 saving €12,00
Christmas sale golf towel

Caddyboo Christmas Sale

€18,00 €30,00 saving €12,00


Only for Christmas & New Year! Make the perfect present! 🎁 

Caddyboo Golf Towel is a sleek, innovative, pocket-sized cleaning system that empowers every golfer to step up one's game by putting a dirt-free golf ball at every hole and achieving a lower score. 


Due to Covid-19 situation, a delivery time has increased. 
We DO NOT GUARANTEE the delivery before 24.12.2020 
but is it so bad to prolong your holidays a bit? We promise our product is worth waiting 😎
Please check COVID-19 Delivery delay information 

General description

Caddyboo Golf Towel is an ultra low-profile golf towel and golf ball cleaning system resembles a small, sleek designer envelope. Its moist interior microfibre easily wipes away every trace of dirt and mud. The leakproof design and strong magnetic seal keep Caddyboo Golf Towel cleaning surface moist, and your pocket clean and dry.

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Why Caddyboo?

Check out 9 colours to choose from

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