The Story of River Cleaning

River Cleaning is a company with a new approach to fight against pollution in the ocean. This idea aims to reduce the current plastic waste in the ocean that comes from rivers, which is currently 80%. River Cleaning System is a unique product of River Cleaning intercepting plastic pollutants before they can go into the sea, having no negative impact on the environment. The system catch most of the floating debris, such as disposable plastics and packaging, preventing it from entering the seas. Learn more about an innovative approach to tackle the plastic ocean pollution.

Caddyboo is very excited to support River Cleaning and as a show of support towards their sustainable and creative growth, we have launched Story Edition Caddyboo Magnet x River Cleaning. 

You can pre-order now your Caddyboo Magnet x River Cleaning and bring change to our planet! 

Caddyboo Magnet is a unique golf ball marker that shows your personality. The magnetic feature makes it easy to keep the magnet close when you most need it. Just a couple ideas: Magnet will stick to business card holders in your pocket, the pillars on the golf cart, your putter or anything that is metal.The marker has a sophisticated design – use it as an ornament or place it on the fridge.

caddyboo magnet x river cleaning

Pro-environmental mindset is a key value in a Caddybooers’ heart, and we are proud to name River Cleaning as our partner. 

We are thrilled to support visionaries who created an innovative preventive approach for global water pollution. They set a great example of a small company bringing real environmental change to our planet. The company is also serious about growth – they are developing a new oil capturing system that intercepts not only plastic waste but also oil and cleans up rivers around the world.

The awareness of the situation is a great start for changing things. There are several ways you can support River Cleaningbecome a sponsor, nominate a river or become an ambassador. And of course, spreading the word and ideas are always beneficial!

Fighting plastic in the rivers will save countless marine animals and will certainly positively affect human life as well. Let’s not waste our chance for a better life.

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