The Story of Missing Children Europe

Missing Children Europe is the European federation for missing and sexually exploited children, representing 31 organisations from 26 European countries based in Brussels.

Caddyboo is proud to be the partner of Missing Children Europe and contribute to the development of the effective system of child protection. Proceeds from the purchase of this Story Edition Caddyboo Golf Towel will be donated to Missing Children Europe as an Illustration of our support and hope of contributing to a safer Europe.

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Find out how the money donated was spent in Caddyboo Blogs. We want to make sure you know exactly how your support helped the children.

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Since 2001, Missing Children Europe has sought to ensure European nations have the means to rescue children who are victims of child kidnapping and sexual abuse. By offering training programs, raising awareness and supporting professionals, its 24 NGOs are contributing to a Europe where children and their parents alike can always feel safe.

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