The Story of Edge Golf College

Edge Golf College is known as Europe’s International Centre of Excellence, for Education and Tournament Performance, for all players 18 years old or more. If you excel in golf and it is one of your passions, Edge Golf College is the place for you!

It is full time, from September to April, at a golf course ranked 8th in Europe. It is the Troia resort, located in Portgual and south of Lisbon. Students have two objectives at Edge Golf College: play their best and study for their future.

Caddyboo is proud to be the partner of Edge Golf College and happy to contribute to the development of young golf talents.

You can pre-order now your Story Edition Caddyboo Golf Towel for Edge Golf College! 

Everything is covered at Edge Golf College:

  • Education: Europe’s ONLY bespoke tournament performance college. All of the elements of the course have the objective of improving performance on the golf course.
  • Tournaments: Given the relationship they have with the Portuguese Golf Federation, tournaments are available to play every term for the World Amateur Ranking.
  • For students: If you study at Edge Golf College, it won’t feel like you are studying! It is a program designed to improve your golf game.
  • For parents: If you child studies at Edge Golf College, they will be in a “safety net.” Even if they cannot make it on the Tour, there are other career paths that are available.

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caddyboo special edition


caddyboo x edge golf college
golf towel special edition