The Story of Caudwell Children

Caudwell Children is a national charity based in Staffordshire dedicated to improving the lives of disabled children in the UK. Caudwell Children are changing the future of disabled children by providing access to the services, equipment, therapies and treatments they need to lead a fulfilled life. 

Since 2000, Caudwell Children has supported over 50,000 children with over 653 different medical conditions. 

Caddyboo is proud to support Caudwell Children and the proceeds from the purchase of the Story Edition Caddyboo Golf Towel will be donated to Caudwell Children to help them continue to change the lives of disabled children who really need their help.

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At Caudwell Children, 100% of donations go directly to the children and family due to the unique way they are funded. Caudwell Children and Caddyboo will provide case studies in the Caddyboo Blogs to show just how our support will really make a difference to children and families.  

Caudwell Children provides:

    1. Family Support: Practical support and guidelines for families
    2. Treatment & Therapy: Vital treatments and life changing therapy programmes
    3. Equipment: Mobility, sensory and sports equipment
    4. Supported holidays & short breaks: Activity programmes, family trips and accredited courses
    5. Autism service: Practical and emotional support for autistic children and their families, including an innovative new programme of multi-disciplinary assessment

Caudwell Children meeting

Caudwell Children services

Photo source: Facebook Caudwell Children

During the unprecedented period of disruption and uncertainty caused by Covid-19. Disabled children and their families are feeling isolated, fearful and confused and need our help more than ever. Yet, the increased burden placed on the NHS and social services by the coronavirus outbreak means that many services for disabled children will be adversely impacted for the foreseeable future. Caudwell Children are committed to providing a lifeline to thousands of vulnerable disabled children and families at this challenging time. 

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caddyboo magnet Caldwell children

limited edition golf towel

Caddyboo gold towel x Caudwell Children

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