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"Your product is cool. I used to bring my towel to the green and often forgot it at my bag. Caddyboo is easy to leave it in my pocket and this way I don’t need to spit on the ball anymore to clean it. When I am back on tour obviously I will have a caddy and it becomes unnecessary but for the amateur golfer it’s a great tool and for me as well when I am alone without my caddy." 

Alexander Knappe golfer

Alexander Knappe, 2xEuropean Challenge Tour & 2x Pro Golf Tour

"The Caddyboo Golf towel is a really useful gadget - especially when you’re playing in rainy conditions or on a muddy course. It’s easy to use and you can also apply your ball marker. The magnetic catches makes sure that your pocket remains dry and clean. A well thought product I can highly recommend."

Verena thegolfgirl

Verena D., @_thegolfgirl_ 

 "I used it in one of my tournaments and it worked great, unfortunately I forgot to bring it last weekend and in fact I kept trying to clean my ball with a towel and it didn’t work so I definitely needed the Caddyboo."

Erich Leopold golfer
Erich Leopold, pro coach, best score: 78 / avg. score: 85

 "I love that the Caddyboo Golf Towel is so small, it fits in your pocket easily, and still gets the job done."

Christine Wolf LET golfer

Christine Wolf, Ladies European Tour Player, LET winner (2016), Olympian

 "I really love the slim design and how sturdy it is! I've had the same equipment in my pockets during all rounds of golf since I started.. a divot tool, tees and a marker.. I'll add the Caddyboo Golf Towel to this selection permanently!" 

Mario Fuchs golfer
Mario Fuchs, Handicap: 5
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