Sustainable and Eco-Friendly Packaging

Sustainability is one of Caddyboo's core values. We support sustainability through our products, services, and collaborations with our partners such as Flowerescue, Missing Children Europe, Caudwell Children.

In addition to that, we use packaging materials that are 100% made from recycled content. They are also fully recyclable and compostable, meaning they're also fully naturally biodegradble. The Rigid Mailer is constructed from 100% paperboard where 90% is from post-consumer recycled content.

Product Cards:

Caddyboo's sustainable and eco-friendly packaging.

The stiff and sturdy construction of our 100% recycled packaging ensures us to ship your products in confidence. Our insuperable paperboard will effectively resist bending. You can rest at ease knowing your contents will stay flat in transit. The larger sizes of these paperboard envelopes feature clever creasing, which allows for slight expansion if you have bulky goods to package. The unvarnished board has a high-end, organic, and earthy feel. It's an ideal marriage of high performance, appealing aesthetics, and eco-construction.

Caddyboo's sustainable and eco-friendly packaging.