We make our products in order to take your golf game to a whole new level, and we love hearing that we accomplished that. We are very happy to have received great reviews from the following magazines and golf forums. We appreciate all the feedback we receive - it helps us step up our game the same way we try to help you step up yours!


Northern golfer
"This pocket-sized microfibre towel sits inside a leakproof outer shell which is held closed with a magnet. Simply wet the towel before you play, pop it in your pocket and it’s on-hand every time you step onto a green. A simple, inexpensive product which we’ve found super useful – this will be staying in our bags from now on." - Northern Golfer


"My garage is littered with golf related items that gather dust after an initial review. Rarely do I immediately put an item into play and realise that it is going to be in daily use. The Caddyboo is one of those items. It’s a simple design, handmade from quality, sustainable items and is very easy to use." - Andrew Picken, 

Surrey golf mag

"Caddyboo is here to help save the day with a convenient handy size wallet that fits neatly in your pocket. It contains a small microfibre towel and brush – no longer will I be frantically scraping with my finger nail trying in vain to remove a mark. This innovation is brilliantly designed and super handy, just wet the microfibre towel, squeeze out the excess water and away you go. The wetness remains inside the wallet and is on hand for every time you need it, along with a handy little brush that’s fused with the wallet for the most stubborn of ground in dirt. It even has a magnetic section to attach your ball marker. If only it carried my golfbag! A ‘must’ purchase accessory." - Surrey Golf Mag 

the golf business

"Collaborating charities and other organisations supporting female empowerment, youth development, sustainability, and more, have received their version of the Caddyboo Golf Towel, which, customisable to the smallest detail, suits any corporate branding taste and style, and left recipients feeling empowered. What is a better gift than the power to take on the world?" - Seamus Rotherick, The Golf Business


" MEET THE REVOLUTIONARY NEW GOLF TOWEL THAT CLEANS YOUR BALL. Want a 100% clean golf ball every time you play a round of golf? This one is for you..." - Andy Roberts, GolfMagic

business fours uk

"The Caddyboo Golf Towel which is customizable to the smallest detail suits any corporate branding. Caddyboo’s ambition extends far beyond the impeccable quality of their revolutionary golf towel, from every unit released to every collaboration made, the company’s underlying values of growth, creativity, and sustainability, are reflected in the brand, thanks to the sophisticated craftsmanship behind it." - Business Fours Events


"We raised £1,500 which was brilliant given the restricted numbers of players.  They were an incredibly generous group.  We’ve had some fantastic support.  For the first time we had Caddyboo as our golf day partner.  They provided each of our golfers with one of their unique water – retaining golf towels.  They contacted me through social media as they like to support charities through golf tournaments.  It’s a really nice connection and partnership." - henleyherald

Oracle Time

"The Caddyboo Golf Towel is a pocket-sized, waterproof cleaning system to solve any unforeseen club-ball connection issues that might arise. It’s simple, effective and a perfectly valid way to take your time while you plan your next big swing." Oracle Time


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golfers magazine

"Een schone golfbal putt fijner. Daarom komt CaddyBoo met een kleine golfhanddoek die je gewoon in je broekzak kunt stoppen." - Redactie Golfers Magazine

golf in austria

"Mit diesem Gadget können Sie getrost das Schlägertuch am Golfbag hängen lassen – besonders praktisch am Grün, wenn Ihr Golfbag bereits am nächsten Abschlag abgestellt ist." - Golf in Austria


"Golfplus konnte den caddyboo-Golfballreiniger in der Praxis ausprobieren. Das nach Aussage des Herstellers „innovativste Taschentuch der Welt“ hat uns wirklich überzeugt. Ein praktisches Produkt für jeden Golfspieler." - Klaus Pfeffermann, GolfPlus

regio golf
"Die Handwerkskunst hinter dem Handtuch ist kompliziert und unmöglich nachzubilden: Das Zulassen eines solchen maßgeschneiderten Golftuchs ist das Ergebnis eines Prozesses ständiger Kreativität und Innovation, durch den wir ständig nach neuen und unterschiedlichen Wegen suchen, um die Marke Caddyboo zu verbessern." - Regio Golf