Product Description: Caddyboo Magnet (PVD Coating)

Caddyboo Magnet is a coin-sized golf ball marker made from brass and with PVD Coating in silver or gold colour.

It has laser marking and multiple functional design features. It is also sustainable and wear-resistant – you can use it for years. Don’t forget to secure the marker with our Caddyboo Golf Towel, there is a convenient marker holder.


Personalise the marker to your taste! We offer two choices: PVD Coating in a silver or gold colour. PVD is a hard durable coating that is safe, clean and eco-friendly.

The magnetic feature makes it easy to keep the magnet close when you most need it. Just a couple ideas: Magnet will stick to business card holders in your pocket, the pillars on the golf cart, your putter or anything that is metal.

The marker has a sophisticated design – use it as an ornament or place it on the fridge while you’re enjoying your time off the course.

Care instructions

Clean with fabric if needed.

Product information:

  • Magnet embedded
  • Diameter – 25 mm
  • Height – 2.4 mm
  • Weight 12 g
  • Made of Brass (CuZn)
  • Mirror finish in PVD Coating in Silver (CrN) or Gold (TiN)