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Our Unique Story 

Each one of us has a mission.

Each one of us has a vision to accomplish. Each one of us has a goal that they want to achieve. Caddyboo is ours. 

10 years ago, we had a mission: to create a brand that could make people feel empowered and invincible. 

Caddyboo, as a priority, has decided to focus its whole undivided attention to the individual - their strengths, their ambitions, and their capabilities. We aim to inspire the individual, to support them, and to provide them with tools that will make them feel empowered and in a constant process of development. Therefore, after long sleepless nights and keen debates, a product was born. It was brought to life to serve a specific purpose and to bet one’s bottom dollar for. 

However, this product did not exist for too long. Soon, our invention was forgotten about and left under clouds of dust - only temporarily, of course.

Although there were many barriers to overcome, Caddyboo would not give up on us. It creeped softly back into our worlds, manifesting through ours travels, the people we would meet, the stories we would hear…So we embraced the idea again, and let this product become fully unfolded with just one goal: to serve. And so it became. 

It is a community, a space, a family, where everyone is welcomed, where everyone is constantly reminded that: 

As the moon goes down at night and as the sun rises in the morning, we can all start afresh.  

We can do what we can’t and achieve.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             10 years ago, we had a mission. Today, we make it a reality.