Our exceptional Product

Many people of unique and distinct backgrounds have come together from across the globe to give you Caddyboo Golf Towel – our very own exceptional product. 

Pro-tip for use: wet the interior of the towel in the water before the game! The towel will hold the moisture thoughout the longest play.

We care about the environment. Every step in the manufacturing process is completely ecological. We make emphasis on creating a durable product with a long life cycle as one way to contribute to sustainability. Our eco-friendly packaging is designed with shipping and long destinations in mind. It’s also a creativity outlet, check the ideas here

Caddyboo golf towels are designed for golfers of any level. Whether you are a PGA pro with an impressive handicap or an absolute beginner – you deserve the best support in your game. Different Caddyboo Golf Towel Special Edition create diversity, so any personality will find a perfect design for them.

Caddyboo Golf Towel is the perfect companion - as reliable, helpful, and necessary as a caddie.

After all, no great golfer has made it without his caddie (boo).