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Our exceptional Product 

But what even is our product? What are we creating? What purpose does the Caddyboo products serve? What makes it so special, that so many people of unique and distinct backgrounds have come together from across the globe, investing bouts of time and energy, in order to materialize this very invention?

What mostly distinguishes the Caddyboo Golf Towel, is its effortless integration of innovation into the simplest everyday objects. The very fundamentals of the Caddyboo vision are encapsulated in the creation. Every step in the manufacturing process is completely ecological, from the durability of the towel itself, to the Caddyboo packaging, in efforts to promote eco-friendly ideologies amongst all communities. This further cements the importance of our sustainability values, which is our main differentiating factor. Caddyboo exists to lift up those who are willing to step up their game in life, by simply beginning with cleaning one’s ball before striking.

The Caddyboo Golf Towel is special in its ability to keep your golf game clean. Carefully designed with a magnetic seal and scrubbing mesh, it removes and traps the dirt off of every golf ball, allowing for a smoother putt every time. Thanks to the microfibre towel, the Caddyboo Golf Towel must only be exposed to water once in order to hold enough moisture for the whole day, while still keeping your pocket dry and clean thanks to the waterproof membrane in which it is enclosed. In addition, its size and portability allow it to fit in your pocket effortlessly. This illustrates how the Caddyboo Golf Towel is so meticulously designed, so that not a single detail is overlooked when optimizing your golf game. This is why Caddyboo Golf Towel is for everyone - for golfers from all levels. A successful putt is what makes a successful round, and that would not be possible without stepping up your game. Any golfer, whether playing golf for the first time, or a PGA pro with an impressive handicap, relies on the Caddyboo Golf Towel in their game.

We ensure that Caddyboo Golf Towel is the perfect companion - as reliable, helpful, and necessary as a caddie.

After all, no great golfer has made it without his caddie (boo).