Great Golf Events 2021 x Caddyboo

great golf events

Caddyboo is proud to be a partner of Great Golf Events in 2021 and contribute to the fundraising for Alzheimer's Society! As a token of gratitude, Caddyboo gives you a 25% discount code on our Original products

Use code: GREATGOLF628 

The code is valid only today, so be quick and enjoy your shopping!

Why Great Golf Events? 

Did you know that around 10 million new cases of Alzheimer’s are diagnosed per year, according to World Health Organization? That’s 10 million who have to adapt to a life with dementia. 10 million more people who we can try our best to support and empower!

In 2021, Great Golf Events are hosting fundraising golf days for Alzheimer’s Society with Caddyboo as a partner on these dates:

28.06.2021 Dementia 'Diversity' Open
27.07.2021 Dementia 'Inclusion' Open
27.08.2021 3rd Alzheimer's Golf Day 

If you can’t join the events, there are also other ways to get involved in the cause:


    Great Golf Events started with Steve Clark, the Director of Great Golf Events. After suffering a loss of a close relative with dementia, he decided to step up and organise events for the Alzheimer’s Society. Given his passion for golf, Great Golf Events were born.

    Photo: Steven Clark, the Director of Great Golf Events.

    With the start of 77 participants and fundraising just under £1,000 in 2019, the numbers are steadily growing, hence the positive impact on the cause is growing too!

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    Thank you for joining the fight against dementia! 

    Photos from Alzheimer's Charity Golf Event 2020