Golf Events (2020)

Caddyboo supports golf tournaments and golf charity events. Here is a list of the events in which we are going to contribute. We are raising an awareness to support a good cause and we hope that with our support, charities will be able to fundraise more funds. 

Golf tournaments:

18.07.2020 Lukas Exner Golf day

Golf in Austria
03.07.2020 GC Wallenried
10.07.2020 GC Winterberg (9 Loch)
24.07.2020 Golf Limpachtal
29.07.2020 Migros GP Holzhäusern
31.07.2020 Andermatt Swiss Alps GC
01.08.2020 Andermatt Swiss Alps GC
12.09.2020 GC Rastenmoos (9 Loch)
16.09.2020 Migros GP Moossee
27.09.2020 GC Ybrig

Anna Golf:
04.07.2020 Tapiola Golf
15.07.2020 Helsingin Golfklubi
23.07.2020 Lakeside Golf, Järvenranta
26.07.2020 Kankaisten Golf
02.08.2020 Oulun Golf
09.08.2020 Pickala Golf, Park

17.09.2020 Ladies golf day

15.10.2020 Ladies golf day Rescheduled to April 2021

GolfStar Go
03.10.2020 Kungsängen Kings
03.10.2020 Kungsängen Queens

03.10.2020 Kungälv Kode GK
04.10.2020 Vinbergs GK
10.10.2020 GolfStar International
11.10.2020 GolfStar Lindö Dal

Business Fours
06.10.2020 North West Event
07.10.2020 Midlands Event
08.10.2020 North East Event
09.10.2020 Yorkshire Event
13.10.2020 Tayside Event
14.10.2020 Glasgow Event
15.10.2020 Edinburgh Event
16.10.2020 Aberdeen Event
28.10.2020 ENGLAND FINAL

Golf Around Italy
30-31.10.2020 Rome 4 Ladies - Golf Challenge 2020 (Rescheduled to 2021)


Charity golf events: 

28.08.2020 Alzheimer's Charity Golf Day 2020 - Chesterfield GC
29.08.2020 Matchen Mot Cancer
04.09.2020 The Martin Wild'Willow Wood' Golf Day
11.09.2020 Charity Golf Day for The Haven 2020 
14.09.2020 The Great Virtual Balloon Race
18.09.2020 RMHC Golf Classic
22.09.2020 Daisy Chain
28.09.2020 Golf for Missing Children Europe
08.10.2020 Chiltern Centre Charity Golf Day
15.10.2020 Tenovus Cancer Care Golf Day 
13-15.11.2020 The Elite Invintational
10.12.2020 Christmas Golf Event


More information about Caddyboo contribution are available here. 

If you'd like us to consider your golf event for contributions, please contact us and we would be happy to collaborate!