Golf Events (2021)

Caddyboo supports golf tournaments and golf charity events. Here is a list of the events in which we are going to contribute. We are raising an awareness to support a good cause and we hope that with our support, charities will be able to fundraise more funds. 


Golf tournaments:

25.03.2021 Les Ladies du golf de Sept Fontaines
23.04.2021 Les Ladies du golf de Sept Fontaines (rescheduled to 2022)
27.05.2021 Les Ladies du golf de Sept Fontaines (rescheduled to 2022)
01.06.2021 Women's Golf Day
07.06.2021 Golf Tour Germany

Charity golf events: 

Red Eagle Foundation and Kent Wish Foundation

11.06.2021 Red Eagle Golf Challenge
12.07.2021 Celeb Golf Day at the Shire
26.08.2021 Ryder Cup Style Golf Day - Cave Golf Resort
04.11.2021 Celeb Golf Day at the London Club 
October Date (TBD) Pro Am

Great Golf Events

28.06.2021 Dementia 'Diversity' Open
27.07.2021 Dementia 'Inclusion' Open
27.08.2021 3rd Alzheimer's Golf Day

The Haven Wolverhampton

02.07.2021 Charity Golf Day

Around the year Pink Cup 

More information about Caddyboo contribution are available here. 

If you'd like us to consider your golf event for contributions, please contact us and we would be happy to collaborate!