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Bringing flowers to the people who need them most

FloweRescue is a Helsinki-based organization which, since 2018, has been contributing to  more sustainable world by redistributing excess flowers to elderly homes, hospitals, and other communities where they might help bring a smile to someone’s face.

FloweRescue harnesses surplus flowers from wholesalers and redistributes them to elderly care facilities, hospitals, charities and community art projects. Instead of throwing out your lowers after your next celebration, why not use them to continue spreading the joy? 

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It's a community of people who work to address and spark dialogue about the issue of flower waste, and to connect people through the beauty and joy of flowers.

Available in a never-before-seen version, a percentage of the profit collected from this limited edition Caddyboo Golf Towel will be donated to the FloweRescue community as a show of support towards their sustainable and creative growth.

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Caddyboo Golf Towel red
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The Caddyboo Golf Towel is an ultra low-profile golf towel with a microfibre interior which  easily wipes away every trace of dirt and mud.

The leakproof design and strong magnetic seal keep the Caddyboo Golf Towel cleaning surface moist, your pocket clean and dry, and help you step up your game. 

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