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Here at Caddyboo, we are continuously trying to promote our core values of  growth, creativity, and sustainability what better way to do that than to collaborate with those who advocate for those same ideologies?

We’re always on the lookout for partners whose philosophy mirrors ours, and whose operations contribute to a good cause. The collaborators we choose constantly strive to provide their customers the highest possible quality. Through our partnerships, our goal is to help each other maintain that standard by encouraging the promotion of products more durable, innovative, and eco-friendly, and making them available to anyone who wants to join us in doing so. In many occasions our collaboration and partnership involve customising our products.

Anna Golf 

Anna Golf provides female golfers with a community where they can support, empower, and motivate each other in the world of golfing. By hosting tournaments, events, and offering a unique platform for enthusiasts to get together, Anna Golf has become one of the most prominent female golfer communities in Finland. 

Anna Golf

Golf in Austria 

Offering over 130 golf hotels, courses, and clubs, Golf in Austria is the epitome of the ideal golfing destination. With individual travel advisors catering to the needs of every golfer, our partner values quality above all, while maintaining a strong sense of tradition and culture to allow golfers everywhere the most perfect golfing experience.

golf in austria

Lukas Exner Golfschule

Our partner Lukas Exner is a PGA golf and health professional whose passion for the game allowed him to transform a small golf school in his home club into something much bigger. Lukas Exner Golfschule promises golfers of all different levels and backgrounds, from beginners to tournament professionals, an opportunity to step up their game


Exuer Lukas Golfschule

Cairns Cup 

The Cairns Cup aka “The Billy” is a tournament held by golfers from the EU and the USA and has been rendered “a Pan Disability Ryder Cup style competition.” In addition to being a golf competition, the Cairns Cup illustrates support for disabled members of the community in general. 

Cairns Cup Celtic Manor

Alzheimer’s Society

The UK’s leading dementia charity, Alzheimer’s Society, offers dementia patients a range of support services to offer them help and care. Their aim is to allow dementia patients more support and better life quality by 2022.
alzheimers society

Willow Wood Hospice

Willow Wood Hospice provides care to patients with certain life-limiting illnesses and their families. Patients are provided with a safe place where they receive bouts of care, love, and comfort.

willow wood hospice

Ronald McDonald House Charities

RMHC is an Ireland based organization whose mission is to support children living with serious diseases and aid their families. They do this through the provision of accommodation and a comfortable caring environment to those who need it.

Ronald McDonald House Charities Ireland 

Missing Children Europe

Since 2001, our Brussel based partner has sought to ensure European nations have themeans to rescue children who are victims of child kidnapping and sexual abuse. By offeringtraining programs, raising awareness and supporting professionals its 24 NGOs arecontributing to a Europe where children and their parents alike can always feel safe.

missing children europe

 Caudwell Children 

Caudwell Children is a UK-based organization which aims to improve the lives of children with disabilities. By providing children with the support, treatment, and the awareness they need, this charity strives to offer children in the UK a bright future. 

caudwell children

Pink Cup 

Pink Cup is an annual golf tournament held by the Danish Cancer Society which since 2003 has been helping to raise awareness for the fight against cancer. Proceeds from the tournaments are all dedicated to combating breast cancer.  

 pink cup

Matchen Mot Cancer 

Matchen Mot Cancer is a non profit organization who organizes several events, fundraisers, and tournaments, in which players can participate. All proceeds collected during such events are donated to other organizations helping in the fight against cancer, and helping the victims affected by it. 


The Haven Refuge Wolverhampton

The Haven Refuge Wolverhampton is an organization which provides support to women and children subject to domestic violence and provide them with a shelter. The organization empowers both women and children alike by providing them with their right to a safe home and shelter, helping contribute to an overall safer society.

The Haven Wolverhampton


FloweRescue is a Helsinki based non-profit organization which tackles the issue of flower waste by taking excess flowers from florists and wholesalers, and redistributing them to care facilities, elderly homes, and other organizations. Since 2018, FloweResuce has been able to contribute to a more sustainable world, all while bringing a smile to people’s faces.


We are open for different partnership opportunities. Please contact us if you want to become one of our partners by email: hello@caddyboo.co