Caddyboo x Christmas Sale

Your Christmas gift is waiting for you!

Caddyboo introduces a special Caddyboo Golf Towel edition - Passionate Red Caddyboo Golf Towel with a 40% OFF! Get ready for joyful festivities and magical Christmas with Caddyboo!

Passionate red Caddyboo Golf Towel

The Caddyboo Golf Towel is the ideal Christmas present for you and your golfer buddies. Sleek and innovative, this premium pocket-sized towel is meticulously designed so that you achieve a perfect putt every time.

So where is my gift, you say?

Get your Passionate Red Caddyboo Golf Towel for free! Buy a 3-pack or 5-pack Caddyboo Golf Towel and we will slip in your parcel one of our specials - Passionate Red Caddyboo Golf Towel!

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To get 1 Free Passionate RED Caddyboo Golf Towel you have to: 

1. Place an order for the 3-pack or 5-pack
2. Subscribe to Caddyboo Newsletters 

After you placed an order, we will check if the requirements are met and we will add 1 Passionate RED Caddyboo Golf Towel to your order for free! 

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Caddyboo Golf Towel is a thoughtful gift that will improve your or your friend’s golfing life. Take this chance to express love – and show your personal style.

DUE TO COVID-19 SITUATION, WE DO NOT GUARANTEE THE DELIVERY BEFORE 24.12.2020 but is it so bad to prolong your holidays a bit? We promise our product is worth waiting 😎

PLEASE CHECK COVID-19 Delivery delay information 
We understand that you'd like to get your Christmas order before 24.12.2020 and we are doing our best in making deliveries as fast as possible. However, some countries are affected by the delivery delay, please, keep that in mind.