Caddyboo x Women's Golf Day

caddyboo women's golf day

Thank you for supporting the women empowerment cause, your participation is valuable

Women’s Golf Day is held on the 1st of June all around the globe with 68 countries and 900 locations involved. It’s a celebration of girls and women in golf irrespective of ethnicity, religion, language and game experience!

Caddyboo in collaboration with Women’s Golf Day is creating a safe space for women, elevating their status through social and athletic engagement. To support women empowerment, we created Caddyboo Essential x Women's Golf Day Story Edition and Caddyboo Marker x Women’s Golf Day Story Edition.

Caddyboo x Women’s Golf Day Story Edition

To celebrate the cause together we are giving you a discount code for 25% for Women's Golf Day Story Edition, use it on the checkout! 

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Currently, the Story Edition of Caddyboo Golf Towel x Women's Golf Day is available only with pre-order. Learn more

Sports break down gender stereotypes showing that women are strong and capable, as well as great leaders and strategic thinkers. Golf and sports improve the self-esteem of girls and women through the challenges of the game. So, join our supportive movement! 

The discount is available for Caddyboo Essential x Women’s Golf Day Story Edition, take your chance to show some love to women empowerment!

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