Ambassadors & Junior Ambassadors are essential parts of the puzzle at Caddyboo. Our goal is to represent and strengthen our values through Caddyboo Ambassadors. We feel especially proud to support young golfers, help them grow and step up their game to achieve new heights in golf.


Hannah Bowen

Hannah is a PGA Professional Golfer since 2015. Not only she is a great golf player, but she is involved in projects supporting women in golf by sharing her experience and encouraging them to step up and start playing golf. Hannah's passion for golf goes beyond the game, and her ultimate objective is to help those around her. Caddyboo is proud to have such an active and community-oriented ambassador!

Junior Ambassadors

Eloise Feely

Eloise is only 14 years old and she has already brought her handicap down from 44 to 12. Not only has she been selected to be part of the Northamptonshire elite academy, but she has also won the Northamptonshire county Championships net prize in both 2019 and 2020.

Lauren Purchase

Lauren's lowest ever round -5 on Faldo at Amendoeira GC.
She was qualified for the Junior European Open in Spain a couple years ago!
Played in four Portugal Pro Tour events, in one of them she was in top 20 players.

Logan Scherpe

Logan is only 13 years old and his handicap is already 5.8! Not only he is the Head Junior Ambassador for Playersfuel, but he is also the U12 Winner of the European Junior Golf Tour.

Lorenzo Sibilla

Lorenzo started playing golf when he was only 6 years old! Now he is 17 and, after all of these years,his main goal is to become a professional golfer. Not only has he won a youth competition, he has also qualified for the Alps Tour.

Hrithika Bhugvandeen

Hrithika is playing golf for 6 years and her handicap is 7.4. She got a scholarship at William Jewell College in Missouri to play for the girls’ golf team and study a degree. Her ultimate goal is to become a professional and compete on the LET/LPGA.