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Caddyboo Marker (5-pack)

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Caddyboo Marker is a unique golf ball marker that shows your personality, as well as makes the game on the green accurate.

Forget about using a shabby penny you found in a pocket, it’s time to mark your ball in style.

It is flat, small, and easy to carry – slide it in your pocket or attach it to your Caddyboo Golf Towel.

Caddyboo Marker has laser marking and is made from CrMo. The marker goes through a rigorous polishing process and the exterior is finished by Nickel plating for rusting protection.
Futuristic sleek design and polished look add a stylish touch to the owner. Caddyboo Markers are heavier than traditional markers – feeling its weight in your hand is luxurious.

Care instructions
Clean with fabric if needed.

Product information:

  • Diameter – 25 mm
  • Weight - 10 g
  • Polished (Silver colour)
  • CrMo (Chromium Molybdenum Steel or Chromoly)

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