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Motivation & Meditation: How keeping your mind clear can help you excel and achieve your goals


We all have goals we’re working on. Whether personal or professional, every success story has its ups and downs. Every “great one” out there has had a tumble or two before reaching their peak. The trouble is, when we’re focused on the finish line and not the journey, we often trip over ourselves and lose the motivation that got us there in the first place.  

Meditation can be your tool to finding your centeras well as keeping your pace steady towards achieving your goals. 

Check out these suggestions below and understand how learning to meditate can lead you to success.  


What is meditation?  

Meditation for motivation

Often when we think about meditation our minds wander to Tibetan monks sitting high up on a hill. However, meditation is so much more than sitting cross legged in silence. Meditating is about training your body and your mind to be aware of its needs and learning to monitor your thoughts and feelings allowing you to reflect on your wellbeing. 

You go to the gym and train your body right? You practice your stroke at the driving range? Think of meditation as training your mind for greatness.  


Restore your natural rhythm  
restore your rhythm with meditation

When you meditate, you discipline your mind. What we think is normal for our brains is actually a hidden gem of untapped potential. Meditation encourages mindful awareness, especially when we focus on our breathing and what our bodies are trying to tell us.  

What would happen if you took the time to listen to your body? Such as when it told you not to eat that cake before bed, or to watch how you’re stretching, or even to get to bed a bit earlier? By simply being more conscious of the needs of your body, you can run faster, sleep better, and endure more than you thought possible.  


Improve your focus  

improve your focus with meditation

 Keep your mind trained on your goals even when you’re not actively pursuing them can give you broader perspective. With meditation, you can visualize your success and really hone in on what’s important to your performance.  

Meditation helps you remain focused and ready, without being strung out over little thoughts that tend to pop up unannounced. With consistent practice in being aware of your thoughts without engaging every single one, you’ll be amazed with how much you can accomplish whether at work or on the field. 


 Ease anxiety, stress, and anger  

Ease anxiety with meditation

When we face an uncomfortable emotion, the reaction is to deny it and push it away. In meditation, one is encouraged to actually be with those emotions and face them in a way that is empowering.  

When you allow your stress to exist within yourself and manage how it makes you feel, you remove its power to hurt you, because you don’t need to run away. By practicing meditation, you can guide yourself to stay calm during a storm of anxiety in your life and take the reins of whatever life has presented you.  


Meditation helps you believe in yourself 
meditation for motivation

The way you speak to yourself matters. With a few sessions of meditation practice, you’ll begin to notice how you hear your inner voice. It may be calm, soothing, and compassionate or maybe it’s a bit judgmental, unforgiving, and neurotic (a much more common place to start).  

If you choose to use meditation as a tool to access your potentials, you will see noticeable changes in the way you relate to yourself. Being aware of self-imposed limitations helps you get rid of them. You’ll find it easier to lift yourself up before facing a new challenge instead of bringing yourself down before you start.  

So, if you’ve always been accustomed to put tough challenges on the side, whether these are related to work or personal lifeyou can now accept them knowing your mind is clear of negativity.  


It could even make you happier  

Meditation can make you happy

The more you meditate, the better your mind works for you. Your thinking diet should be just as important as your food diet. Disciplining our wild minds is no easy task, but it’s worthwhile. The better in shape your mind is, the better your whole body will feel and work.  

 So as you can you see, meditation isn’t only for the Monks of the world. It’s for the self-starters, the people who love a challenge and those who are fighting to be better than they currently are. It’s for the athletes, the businessmen and women and the stay at home parents. It’s for those waking up every morning to make the world a better place. 

 We think it’s perfect for you.  



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