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mental health in business

Managing Mental Health When Starting a Business.

Starting a business is an exciting and exhilarating time in anyone’s life. You’ve come up with a concept, you’ve put together a business plan, and now you’re ready to take the leap and put your full time and energy into building your empire. Trust us – we know exactly how you feel.   

However, along with starting a business and being on the cusp of greatness there also comes additional pressure which you may not have fully anticipated. It’s important in the early days of your business to start with healthy habits and be mindful of your mental health so that when stress strikes, you know just how to manage it.


Check out some of our suggestions below.

Build a work-life balance

Work life balance

When building a business, it’s all too easy to do absolutely nothing but work. This is your passion and you’ve worked hard at it, so it’s understandable that it might be all you can think about. However, obsessing over anything isn’t exactly healthy.

Even if you’re incredibly busy, try and build a work/life balance into your week. Give yourself permission to take a couple of hours off to do something that you enjoy. Go for a long walk, catch up with a friend over dinner or join a group activity such as a pick-up football game once a week. Having something outside of work can help relieve your mind and leave your more refreshed for the next work day.

Don’t compare your success

comparing success

When building a business, it can be incredibly hard not to compare yourself to your fellow entrepreneurs. As you flick through social media, the recent news in your industry, or network in your niche, you might come across someone whose success seems to come easy. It can be hard in these moments to not think negatively about your business and feel as if you’re not going to succeed.

In these moments it’s imperative to realise that when you try to compare yourself to someone else – you can’t really make a comparison at all. Every journey an entrepreneur takes is completely unique and all challenges will be faced in a different way. So, when you find yourself comparing your business to another, harness that energy into your work and use it to push yourself beyond your limits.

Treat your body well

Treating your body kindly

At Caddyboo, we cannot stress this point enough. A healthy body helps to create a healthy mind. When starting a business, it can be hard to prioritise things like healthy eating, staying fit, and getting the right amount of sleep. However, if you don’t, it can cause long term effects on not only your business but your physical and mental health.

It’s understandable you’re busy, so try some popular methods of maintaining a healthy body by integrating a routine into your work life. Prepare healthy meals once a week that you can grab-and-go between meetings, use a step-counter, or an app on your phone to make sure that you’re getting at least 10,000 steps in a day, and the most important one – give yourself permission to stop working and go to sleep!

You’re of no use to your business if you’re not healthy.

Don’t be afraid to ask for help

ask to help

When you’re an entrepreneur there can be an overwhelming pressure to try and do everything on your own and never let up that you might be struggling because you’re afraid that it might make you seem “weak”. Stop that mentality - it’s not healthy.

If you find yourself struggling and feeling mentally drained, it’s okay to reach out and ask for some help. Some of the most successful entrepreneurs utilize mentors, business coaches and therapists to allow themselves to see their business objectively and tackle overwhelming issues. For example, Warren Buffett and Bill Gates consider themselves “mutual mentors” and have worked through a series of issues together. If it’s good enough for Buffett and Gates – we think it could be good enough for you.


Remember that working hard should not come at a detriment to your mental health. Starting your business can and should be one of the most rewarding experiences in your life, and you deserve to enjoy every step of the way. By keeping your mind clear and managing your mental health you’ll not only feel better but are likely to work better too.

These tips above are a great start in your entrepreneurship journey, and we encourage you to share more mental health tips with us on our social media channels using the hashtag: #doingwhatwecant


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