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Maintaining Motivation Through the Holidays

We often read posts online about staying motivated during holiday season, however these articles and lists of tips are often referring to dieting and food. What you don’t see very often is how to stay mentally motivated during the holidays. It’s the time of year that many people find themselves to be busiest in both their personal and professional lives and this can wreak havoc on the most organised person. 

It’s easy to get swept up in end of year madness and lose sight of your goals and motivators for the 6 weeks at the end of the year (trust us – we’ve been there!). That’s why the team at Caddyboo has put together a few tips for how you can stay motivated, continue to work towards your goals and have a great time during the holiday season.

Be realistic with your time

Be realistic with your time

One of the main complaints around the end of the year is that everyone is so busy. Whether you’re working to make year end deadlines, trying to organize plans with family or friends, making mad dashes to the stores to go shopping – or all three, it’s easy to try and squeeze everything. However, this rush can end up exhausting you, and killing your motivation meaning that you’re not able to give anything 100%.

So, this holiday season, give yourself permissions to be realistic with your time. Give yourself permission to stop working, to say no to events or last-minute invites that aren’t a priority and to allow yourself to enjoy and live in the moment. Come the new year you’ll be surprised with the energy you have and how avoiding burnout throughout December can keep you on the path to reaching your goals in January.

Make a plan and stick to it

spending christmas with family

Along with being realistic with your time, it’s important to make plans and then keep them – especially with yourself. If you’ve planned to go to the gym, don’t put it off because something better has come along. If you know you’ve been wanting to complete a project for work – put time in your calendar specifically for that task.

Perhaps most importantly – follow this rule for your friends and family. It’s incredibly easy to get wrapped up in your work or finishing one last thing that you miss out on the time that you should be using to appreciate those who help you stay motivated and achieve your goals – keep those plans, they’re the most important ones.

Don’t let the New Year “buzz” get you down

Make plans for the new year

December is often a time for reflection on the year. Many conversations surround where you’ve gone and what you’ve accomplished, and it can be easy to start comparing yourself to others if you haven’t quite achieved everything you expected. When this happens, it can be easy to lose your motivation and start doubting yourself.

Instead of letting your so-called short comings burden you, use it as fuel for next year. Reflect on what you wish you’d have achieved and set a plan to reach those goals in the new year. Give yourself a motivational boost by identifying the areas in which you want to improve and determine how you’ll do it. As you go into the new year this will give you the burst of motivation and drive to get started on making your dreams happen – whatever they may be.

 And yes - maintain your fitness schedule

Stay fit during the holidays

The holiday season is where you’re more likely to neglect your fitness routine. Whether it’s skipping a few days here and there at the gym, cancelling a run because it’s colder out, or not practicing with your team because you’ve other commitments – the holidays can be rough on your physical health, which in turn can be a hinderance to your overall mental and physical motivation.

This year, commit yourself to staying committed. Yes, there will be extra sweets extra events, and work is busy – but by maintaining a healthy fitness routine, you can ensure that you’ll go into the new year knowing that your goals are still being reached.

As you can see, there are many ways to maintain your motivation throughout the holiday season, and even more ways to get off track.  The most important aspect is that you take this time to reflect, to enjoy time with your loved ones, and give your mind, body and soul a chance to relax, to be healthy, and recharge for the year to come.

We at Caddyboo would like to wish everyone a fantastic final few weeks in 2019, and we challenge you to stay motivated, stay focused and always striving – doing what we can't.


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