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respirator refill mask covid-19

Caddyboo Applies Innovation and Technology to Tackle the COVID-19 Pandemic with 3D Printing for Respirators

Caddyboo is a fast-growing community whose mission is to empower individuals and encourage them to step up their game. As Growth, Creativity, Sustainability are our team’s core values, we believe in the power of awareness, knowledge sharing and collaboration aimed at a good cause. Today’s COVID-19 crisis has separated millions of people, but despite the struggle, creativity and modern technologies have allowed us to stay connected and work cohesively to overcome the difficulties together.

Due to the crisis, medical institutions around the globe are experiencing a huge shortage of resources, in particular, personal protective equipment. Surgical masks can help to prevent the spread of the disease, but they are not tightly sealed and therefore cannot protect against the infection. Also, one mask can only be used once and must be disposed of after a few hours or when it gets wet. This makes the production and usage of surgical masks ineffective and unsustainable. In contrast, a respirator can be used endlessly and is more effective in not only preventing the spreading but also has a high protection efficiency. 

respirator refill 3D printing cartridge

Unlike a surgical mask, the only part that has to be changed in a respirator is the filter inside the cartridge. Since surgical masks still have a 95% filtration efficiency for 3 microns particles, it makes them an affordable substitution for the 3M expensive filters: ten filter pieces can be cut out of one surgical mask. A respirator cartridge, in turn, is reusable and long-lasting. Moreover, it can be 3D printed, and many 3D printing enthusiasts are now providing their designs for the general public to print their version. Using a respirator itself together with a surgical mask as a filter, and in combination with 3D printing technology, is the way to reduce the costs, as well as the materials needed and the amount of waste generated, especially plastics like polypropylene from which modern surgical masks are made.

mask respirator crisis covid-19

In these challenging times, we believe this is also the time for creativity when innovative ideas can and should become a reality. As a purpose-driven community, we are doing what we can’t: Caddyboo will support to tackle the current crisis by designing and producing its own version of the cartridge refill suitable for the 3M respirators.

We don’t know what will happen next, but we know there are people who need our help right now, and we are ready to help. Stay safe and follow our continual news about the development of our own reusable cartridge on our website and social media.   

Find more information about respirators suitable for the Caddyboo cartridge: 

3M™️ Half Facepiece Reusable Respirator 6200 
3M™️ Half Facepiece Reusable Respirator 7502/37082


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