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Caddyboo Latest News

Caddyboo Launches the Reusable Cartridge for 3M Respirator

caddyboo respirator cartridge
Facing the crisis of COVID-19, Caddyboo, together with its partner Aliner Industries Inc. located in Taiwan, have launched their own version of mask filter cartridge for 3M respirators model no. 6200/7502/37082 and share as an open-source online for those who need to produce the replaceable cartridge by themselves.

Caddyboo Empowers Women & Children

lady golfer
For the past few months, here at Caddyboo, we’ve been working hard to give back, make a difference, and contribute to causes that advocate for the empowerment of women and children. By raising awareness and donating funds, we firmly believe that those events change the world by allowing everyone a voice.

Charity Golf Day for The Haven 2020

charity golf event

We usually associate home with safety, security, and comfort. But what if, instead, the place you call home, is the most terrifying place of all?

That’s the sad reality that many women are forced to face. The Haven Wolverhampton has made a name for itself for over 46 years by empowering women and children.