What Does It Mean to Be a Junior Golfer?

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Are you a junior golfer, a parent of one or just a beginner in the game of golf? This blog is for you! 

Today we talk about golf lives of Caddyboo Junior Ambassadors – Hrithika Bhugvandeen, Lorenzo Sibilla, Jack Bidmead and Kyle Johnson-Rolfe. We’ll dive into their goals, struggles, challenges and solutions in their lives of junior golfers. Learn more about all Caddyboo Ambassadors!

Read until the end to get your motivation boosted!

Caddyboo asked both ordinary and burning questions about the junior golf lifestyle, read the blog to get the answers! And of course, we’ll start at the beginning.

How did you start your golf journey?

My dad was always watching golf on the TV, although he never played. I was intrigued by the game and suggested we give it a go! So, we started together, and we both used to play at the local course.”- shares Hrithika. 

caddyboo junior ambassador

Hrithika, IG: hbgolf30

But hey, seems like the family is the most common answer! Kyle’s mom took him to the course when he was only four (he fell for the game immediately, of course) and Lorenzo started at the age of six with his cousins. Jack was playing football at first, but then one week he followed his brother to the golf lesson and couldn’t stop after that.

What is the most challenging for you as a Junior Golfer? 

For Lorenzo, the most challenging thing at the moment is managing his time between school and golf. Education and school tests demand a lot of time, no surprise it can feel like juggling too many balls at the same time.

Kyle finds its challenging when adult golfers dismiss juniors on the course because of their young age. “I overcome this by always being polite and respectful.” - shares Kyle. 

junior ambassador

Jack, IG: jackgolfs015

But for Hrithika and Jack mental aspect is the most difficult. Staying positive and cheering themselves up seems to work for both of them. 

I try to stay as positive as possible, especially mid-round when it’s not exactly going well. I bear in mind that I can’t do anything to change the shots I’ve already hit but I can impact the upcoming ones by keeping a clear head and focus.” – says Hrithika. 

What misconceptions and stereotypes you encounter from others as a teenager in the golf industry?

There is so much more to golf than just hitting a ball. And it’s not an old person’s sport.” – Says Jack and he is 100% right. 

You might even get laughed at when you say that you are junior golfer to a person, who’s not in the sport.” – adds Lorenzo. 

caddyboo junior ambassador

Lorenzo, IG: lorenzo.sibilla

Hrithika, on the other hand, has a different perspective on the question:

As a teenager, especially a girl, I feel like I can be seen as someone who’s not as serious - or even as capable - as boys.

Is it intimidating, playing with adults who has more experience than you? 

Fearless Kyle is not intimidated by anything and is keeping his focus on the game, because “all you can do is play your game.” Good advice – not to succumb to emotions and keep a clear head for the shots and strategy. 

Other ambassadors add the possibilities of learning from experienced golfers. That shouldn’t be missed too!

Is the golf community more competitive or helpful? 

I’ve found that it tends to feel serious and competitive when people keep to themselves and don’t make an effort to make conversation. – Says Hrithika. - I understand it’s important to focus on yourself because golf is an individual sport after all but when people are happier and more positive, I learn a lot and it becomes more fun and easy-going.”

In general, all our junior ambassadors think that the golf community is competitive. 

Competitiveness brings higher productivity and performance, but it still brings a lot of stress to our lives. Caddyboo team asks golf players who periodically or constantly feel stress to take a step aside and give themselves time to breathe and disengage. Having time to rest is an absolute must!

Considering the obstacles and challenges on your way, what keeps you going forward?

Lorenzo made an oath to his father and his coach that he will never give up. Maybe passion for golf plays a role in never giving up too? 

I’m thinking that I can only get better. So, I keep practising and improving.” – shares Kyle.

For Hrithika her challenges are her motivators. 

My obstacles motivate me even more. Particularly barriers surrounding me being a girl or person of colour. It makes me feel determined to overcome them and prove myself even more. I try to focus on the big picture and have a great support network (friends and family) to remind me and lift me up when I’m down or doubtful.” – Explains Hrithika.

To sum up this blog post, we want to emphasize one thing – SUPPORT 

 Productivity and growth happen only when support is present. When you support yourself, when loved ones support you and when the community gives support too. 

To all junior golfers around the globe: Believe in yourself and support yourself. 

To all parents and friends of junior golfers around the globe: Check in on your loved ones and support them by giving them means to grow, rest and enjoy their time.  

And last, but not least, a message from Hrithika to boost YOUR motivation: 

 “Keep trying and keep your head up. No matter what’s going on just try your hardest - even when you feel like giving up. Stay dedicated and you will see benefits come. But most important just have fun!”

Comment below what boosts your motivation!

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