Top 5 Best Golf Podcasts You Should Listen To

best golf podcasts

Cleaning the house, decluttering your closet and being stuck in traffic are some of the most uninteresting mundane tasks in the world...right? Well, not necessarily.

Do you know what they all have in common? They become a lot more manageable when you have your earphones plugged in, playing a podcast that helps you kill time better than anything else!

Podcasts have quickly become one of the most popular pastimes among young adults and adults alike. Not only do they provide great entertainment value, but are often very educational. Whether you’re an avid fan of crime stories or want to refine your knowledge of history, there’s a category for you.

We want you Caddybooers to get hooked as well, and we know how passionate you are about golf. In order to save you the trouble of searching for a podcast, here are some of our top picks for you:

1. The Shotgun Start

There are several golf tours and organisations, but none are arguably as closely followed as the PGA and LPGA. If you’re as enthusiastic about the Professional Golfers’ Association as we are, then this definitely is the podcast for you.

Meticulously covering almost every event, there is no highlight that The Shotgun Start will miss. So, whether it’s what Tiger Woods said in his press conference, or even the happenings of the European tour that you’re interested in, then this is the right podcast for you.

2. The McKellar Golf Podcast

Are you sucker for a heated conversation? Do you appreciate hosts who not only shine light on the good, but criticize the bad? This podcast manages to accomplish just that, by giving you a full overview of what really happens in the golfing world.

From swing coaches to New York Post reporters, the co-hosts always make sure to feature people from very different backgrounds and outlooks, all of whom are united by the common interest of the golf industry. By posing the right questions and discussing the right topics, the hosts make sure you are constantly entertained.

3. Feed The Ball

If you’re not just a golf junkie, but have an eye for art and design, then Feed The Ball is a must-listen-to podcast. This podcast offers its listeners a unique perspective: instead of focusing on the game itself, it focuses on the very thing the game would not be possible without - the golf course.

Featuring architects, photographers, and designers who share their input with regards to renovating fields, what makes some greens more challenging than others, among other things. Golf courses are very picturesque for a reason, so it’s always interesting to listen to the people who bring their beauty to life.

4. Mediocre Golf Podcast

Don’t let the name fool you, this podcast is anything but mediocre. If you ever wanna let loose, have a cold drink and listen to two buddies chat about golf (as well as some other things) then look no further.

Many of the podcasts start off with some “mediocre observations,” which involves the hosts talking about some of the most random, yet surprisingly entertaining day-to-day encounters. For folks who are tired of really technical and average golf podcasts, this one is definitely on the more uplighting side.

5. The Good-Good Golf Podcast

There isn’t a single aspect of the golfing game that these hosts haven’t covered. From ‘golf and the environment’ to ‘golf media,’ the implications of this game are widely discussed.

Each guest interviewed is more dynamic than the next, and even when no guests are featured, the guests bring all their knowledge to the table. Promoted as being for the “serious” golfer, this podcast tackles the golfing industry from a “serious” perspective in a way that is informative and far from boring.

What do you look for in a podcast? Let us know in the comments below!⬇️

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