Top 5 Bad Habits All Golfers Make & How To Break Them

top bad golf habits

Watch Out For these Things You’re Doing Wrong on the Green

People naturally look up to the best. By nature, we’re very curious beings who always strive to self-improve. If someone compared your golf skills to Tiger Woods’ you’d likely be ecstatic! It means you’re really good at golfing, to say the least.

That being said, even the best of the best aren’t perfect. Making mistakes is normal and, if anything, welcomed. They are part of the learning process, and every error committed is an opportunity to learn more. That’s why it’s a good idea to be aware of some of the mistakes that we might be making during a game of golf, and how we can overcome them. Here is a list of some of the most common bad habits engaged in during a golf round:

1. You’re Too Hard on Yourself When You Mess Up

Golf is easily one of the most mentally demanding games. You need to be concentrated, precise, and maintain your composure at all times during the game. Every move is calculated, from the putt to the swing, and one very small wrong move can compromise your whole game. Therefore, it is natural to get stressed and worry that you’re doing a wrong move. However, calculating your every move is likely to do more harm than good: the more you overthink, the more stressed you get, the worse your game gets.

It’s a vicious, never-ending cycle that you can only break free from by telling yourself: “I am doing fine.” The aim of the sport is to enjoy it. While it is good to have a general grip of where your skill levels are at, and what you need to work on more, that should not be all you think about during a golf game. If you manage to get it right on the first try, then kudos to you! But remember; it took Edison 1,000 tries to invent the first lightbulb - so don’t stress.

bad golf habits

2. You’re Using the Wrong Marker

Marking your ball is a very important step in the game. Without it, you can’t keep track of your ball’s last position, or your fellow golfers  might not be able to make a proper putt because your ball is in the way of theirs.

While most people opt for proper golf ball markers, some would rather use an object with similar dimensions, such as a coin or poker chip. However, this is arguably not the best habit for many reasons. For starters, ball markers are always designed in such a way so that they are distinct from the green grass of the golf course. Whether they’re shiny or colourful, you are likely to never lose them. Other common household objects that some people opt for as markers, however, tend to not be as distinct looking, and you could end up losing them. In addition, some people might not choose wisely, and end up with an object that is either way too large or way too small to be used as a marker.

Investing in a golf marker that is designed to be used specifically for golf is a smarter idea, as you are less likely to lose it, and it is common golf etiquette to own one. You don’t want to affect the game of the people around you!

3. You’re Not Wiping Your Ball Properly

One of the things that people most commonly overlook is their golf balls, or the cleanliness of their golf balls to be more precise. They play many rounds, the ball accumulates dirt and soil, and they never bother to properly wipe them. The balls are replaceable and we can just wash them after the game so who cares, right?! WRONG.

The dirt accumulated by the ball affects its swing and speed, and it is likely to not go in the direction you want it to. That means regardless of how skilled you may be, if your equipment is not up to the standard, you are likely not to be able to get the result you want. Invest in a quality towel, and keep the ball clean!

4. You Don’t Practice Realistically

Let’s be honest, swinging your club in the air countless times in a row is great for when you’re first starting out, but will not help you in an actual game. It is important for you to have a goal in mind when you are setting your practicing routine, and to design it so that it accomplishes your goal.

It is even more important for you to develop your routine as you evolve as a player, and as your goals grow with you. This might seem extremely intuitive and obvious but try to be more mindful the next time you’re working on your game. Ask yourself, “is this an area that I still need to work on as much or can I move onto the next challenge?”

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5. You’re Not Enjoying the Game

This one is not a bad habit per se, but it definitely affects the way your game is likely to turn out. If you don’t enjoy golf, you are very likely to want to invest as much time and energy into it as everything else. You are not going to feel passionate about it, and constantly want to improve. You are more likely to overlook or simply not care about your shortcomings, and just want to get a day of golfing over with. 

If a day of practice starts to feel like a chore, it may be a good idea to look back and think: “what part of this makes me no longer enjoy it?” At the end of the day, golf is a game. That means it is supposed to bring joy and enjoyment, not stress and dread.

Any thoughts? Share with us what's your bad golf habits? ⬇️

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