Interview With Caddyboo Junior Ambassador Eloise Feely

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Eloise is only 15 years old and she has already brought her handicap down from 44 to 12. Not only has she been selected to be part of the Northamptonshire elite academy, but she has also won the Northamptonshire county Championships net prize in both 2019 and 2020. She is very hardworking and dedicates a lot of her time to golf; an inspiring person and someone to look up to. We are very proud to have the opportunity to share her story with you.

Eloise feely

1. How was the first time you played golf? Did you feel like it was the sport for you?

From the first time I picked up a club I loved it! As I’ve improved, it’s become more addictive. Not only the playing but also the social aspect you get from golf and the friends I have made.

2. Would you say golf is one of your passions? What other hobbies do you have?

Golf is my passion, but I do also play netball and I am a netball ambassador for my school - I enjoy general fitness and running.

3. Congratulations on bringing your handicap down from 44 to 12! Do you see yourself pursuing a career as a golf professional?

I would love to pursue a professional career in golf however, I accept that it is everyone’s dream - but I would like to pursue a career in sports or PR.

Eloise feely golfer

4. What is the most special aspect about golf for you?

Doing something I enjoy, being outside in the fresh air and being with friends.

5. What is the biggest reward about being a golfer?

When you play well and beat your previous best scores.

6. What are the main challenges about being a golfer for you?

It’s having the time for both school, practice and fitting it all in - and the British weather doesn’t help!

7. Do you have a special routine before competitions?

I go to the range before competitions and work through various drills to warm up using all the clubs in my bag.

8. What did you learn from representing your county in golf? Why do you think this is important?

It’s a great honour to represent my county and the camaraderie between all of the girls and support we give each other is great!

9. How do you balance school, golf, and your personal life?

I’m fortunate that school gives me an afternoon a week off to play golf and then I play as much as I can on the weekend or go to the driving range during the week and do my studies in the evening.

10. Name some personal qualities/traits you have gained thanks to playing golf.

Patience, staying strong, confidence - believing in myself.

11. Is there anything specific you must do as a golfer? (special diet, special routine, etc…)

I try to eat healthy and exercise regularly, as I believe it’s important.

Eloise feely junior ambassador

12. At Caddyboo, we always try to raise awareness for all types of causes. How have you raised awareness for a cause that you so strongly believe in?

I have been involved in various charity fund raising events at school but I am yet to do something solely myself - I had hoped to hold a charity day this year as part of being junior captain however this will depend on ongoing lockdown restrictions in the UK. I had chosen a charity that I wanted to support.

13. Do you personally identify with the values of Caddyboo (Growth, Creativity, and Sustainability) and how do you implement them in your day-to-day life?

I try to be environmentally conscious, not waste things and recycle where I can. I support junior golfers and encourage  them on their golfing journey.

14. Who is your role model and why him/her?

My mum is my role model because she brought me up on her own and taught me to never give up and believe in myself.

15. If you had to pick one piece of advice to give to someone, what would you tell them?

Never give up! Your most important shot is your next one!

Eloise greatly represents the values Caddyboo stands for and we are very proud of her and hope she continues to progress with her achievements.

One of our main goals at Caddyboo is to support young golfers like Eloise, we wish her all the best!

Who is someone that inspires you? Leave your comments below!⬇️

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