Caddyboo Presents: Caddyboo Marker and Caddyboo Magnet

caddyboo magnet

Caddyboo Launches New Golf Ball Markers

It’s time to start marking the golf ball in style!

Today Caddyboo launched a new golf product collection with two lines: Caddyboo Marker and Caddyboo Magnet. The Caddyboo markers effortlessly combine design and function, the collection is to be available in the Caddyboo online store

Wear-resistant and designed for convenient and long use, the markers are also heavier in weight compared to traditional markers. They are easy to carry and are difficult to lose due to noticeable shiny mirror-finished design, densely weighted and magnetic feature (Caddyboo Magnet only). The manufacturing process and materials used in the markers are safe, clean, and sustainable. 

Both Caddyboo Magnet & Caddyboo Marker is a perfect match for Caddyboo Golf Towel, which has a convenient marker holder.

Caddyboo Marker

Caddyboo Marker is made from CrMo, rigorously polished and is finished with nickel plating for rusting protection. Caddyboo marker has laser marking and a futuristic design, which makes it a minimalistic style statement on the green. Due to the mirror-finished polishing reflection, it’s easy to spot on the green and the added weight makes it difficult to lose the marker in the pockets.

Product information: 

Diameter – 25 mm 
Weight – 10g 
Material – CrMo (Chromium-Molybdenum Steel or Chromoly)
Coating – Nickel plated with a Mirror-Finish (Silver colour) 

caddyboo marker

Caddyboo Magnet

Caddyboo Magnet is made from brass and finished with a PVD Coating in silver or gold colour. The PVD Coating reduces friction and protects the marker from scratches, ensuring the use durability of the marker. The marker has a sophisticated design – perfect for golfers, who appreciate fashion. It can be used as a double-sided fridge magnet for off the golf course time. 

The marker has a magnetic feature that allows convenient storing of the marker both on and off the golf course. The Caddyboo Magnet will stick to business cardholders, the frames on the golf cart, a putter or any surfaces that stick to magnet.

Product information:

Magnetic Diameter – 25 mm 
Weight – 12g 
Material – Brass (CuZn) 
Coating – PVD Coating with a Mirror-Finish (Silver or Gold colour)

caddyboo magnet

Story Worth Telling

Sophisticated Caddyboo Markers are not only functional, they also tell a story. Our goal is to inspire people for action and change, that’s why we decided to add a QR code feature to our markers – a feature for a curious mind. 

Collaborations and partnerships are important for us. We provide customisation for collaboration purposes and corporate gifts. Contact us to learn more about customisation options – tell a story about your company!

To find out more about our Caddyboo Marker and Caddyboo Magnet visit:

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