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Mohammed Ali

What we can learn about success from sports heroes

Here at Caddyboo our philosophy is “Doing What We Can’t”. To us that means going the extra mile, taking that extra step and getting out of your comfort zone to reach your potential. When we look at famous sports heroes, often what we first see are the awards and the success that they have achieved.

Yet, when we look deeper we can see that they truly embody the Caddyboo lifestyle. They’ve all strived and worked hard to get where they are today. Need a little push? Check out these stories of some of your sports heroes and how their hard work and their risks became their success.

1. Mohammed Ali – Make your Comeback

Mohammed Ali

One of the most talked about comebacks of all time comes from none other than Mohammed Ali. After refusing to fight in Vietnam in 1966 due to his political beliefs he was all but blacklisted from the sport of boxing and was unable to obtain a license to fight in most states in America. It would be five years before he would fight at a high level again, and three more years before he would win his title-winning fight against Joe Foreman.

 If we can learn anything from Mohammed Ali (and we can learn a lot), it’s that comebacks are always possible. Even if you fall from the peak of the mountain to the lowest of valleys, with a fierce fire and determination you can crawl your way back into the ring, it’s all about your drive and your passion.

2. Terry Crews – Follow your dreams

Terry Crews

Terry Crews was drafted in the (American) National Football League in 1991 and spent 6 years as a defensive end for teams such as the San Diego Chargers and the Philideliphia Eagles (amongst others).

However, Crews retired from his dream-like career as a professional football player and moved to Los Angeles to pursue acting, a complete 180 turn from his expected path, and even more so has succeeded, with numerous acting awards nominations to his name.

Crews story shows us that following your dreams – even if you’re already “successful” in the eyes of everyone else often turns out to be worth it. Taking risks and chances opens you up to opportunities you might not have seen before. Go ahead and take a leap and you might find yourself where you belong.

3. Michael Jordan – Practice makes perfect

Michael Jordan

Did you know that growing up Michael Jordan wasn’t considered to be even that good at basketball? He was even cut from his high school varsity basketball team after being deemed too short and not talented enough to be successful. Where many would have given up there, he set out to prove everyone wrong, practiced harder to overcome his height deficit and became the star of the junior team. The rest as they say, is history.

If someone tells you that you can’t do something, it’s up to you and only you to prove them wrong. When you have inspiration and motivation for a passion, whether it be business or sports, no one is going to make you successful, but you. Practice doesn’t have to mean literally repeating the same thing over and over, it’s really about setting a specific goal and reaching it. Show your adversaries what you can do.  \

4. Mohamed Salah – Dedication breeds success

Mo Salah

When we talk about dedicated footballers, few come to mind who are as dedicated as Mo Salah, the star of the Liverpool Football club. When Salah first signed for El Mokawloon Football Club, back in his native Egypt at the age of 14, he trained intensely five days a week.  

However, it wasn’t just the training, but the journey that showed his dedication. He would leave the house every day and take multiple buses to make his two-hour training sessions, resulting in a nine-hour daily round trip. About this, Salah has said “[I was a] 14-year-old kid with a dream, I didn’t know what would have happened, I just wanted it to happen so badly”.  

We know from his record-breaking goal set and his huge hand in Liverpool becoming the 2019 Premier League championships, that his dedication helped pave the way for his success. We can learn from his story that when we want something, and we want it bad enough whether big or small, that true dedication is where you’ll find your success.  

Have you always wanted to run a marathon? Have you dreamed of starting your own business? These things don’t just happen. They’re about getting out of your comfort zone and striving to go above and beyond. It’s about doing what you think you can’t do – and dedicating yourself to success.


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