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Caddyboo Heroes: Cassius Clay

muhammad ali
Many people wouldn’t think twice if they would hear the name “Cassius Clay” uttered in a conversation somewhere.  That’s because that name has been long overshadowed by the boxer’s more well-known alias...

Caddyboo Heroes: The Iron Cowboy

Iron Cowboy
James Lawrence, also known as the Iron Cowboy is a Canadian/American Iron Man triathlete best known for holding the world record for the number of Iron Man Triathlon’s in a year – 30. However, in 2015 at the age of 38 he challenged himself to complete 50 Iron Man triathlons in 50 states, within 50 days. His aim? To raise 1 million USD for the Jamie Oliver Foundation to fight childhood obesity.

Caddyboo Heroes: Alex Honnold

Alex Honnold

As the first of our Caddyboo heroes, Honnold’s journey to becoming the most well-known climber in the worldshowcases Caddyboo’s philosophy of taking the next step to achieve greatness. Below we’ll explore a bit about Honnold’s journey and how his ambition embodies the Caddyboo’s spirit and attitude