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Health Benefits of Golf

golf benefit lifestyle
Golf is one of the sports that is suitable for players of every age and it has an evident positive effect on players’ health by providing a moderately intense physical activity. Players, spectators, and caddies can benefit from walking distances involved during the game by making up...

A Peek Into the Life of a Caddie

caddie life tips
Where would Phil Mickelson be without his Mackay? Or Tiger without his Steve Williams? We all know how vital a caddie is in making or breaking not only a golfer’s game, but arguably even his career. But while most of us know that the caddie is important, a lot of us pay more attention to the golfer. That’s why Caddyboo decided to sit down with Mark**, a long-term caddie in the French professional tour, and asked him to give us (and you!) an exclusive tour of his world.

Golf In Austria Partnership

golf in Austria partners

We are extra happy to welcome our new partner Golf In Austria to our Caddyboo community! Austria is known for its breathtaking nature, architecture, culture, and also as a popular golf holiday destination in Europe - thanks to its various golf courses, clubs, and hotels! 

Golf in Austria is the perfect match for a golfer who either wants a lovely