6 Vintage Golf Ads You'll Love

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Did you know that golf as we know it, in its most modern format, was originated in Scotland in the 15th century? In fact, the first recorded mention of golf was its banishment from Scotland as it was found to be a “distraction” to the military.  

Look how far it’s come! Today there are over 34,000 golf courses in the world (that’s over 576,500 holes by the way), and golf is multi-billion-dollar industry throughout the world.  

That’s why today we’re taking a look at some of our favourite vintage golf ads, to see just how far this game that we so much appreciate has come. 


 Oxford Separates  

golf ads oxford

Can you imagine hitting the course in these trendy clothes? These Oxford Separates were a hit on the golf course all the way back in 1954.   

 We have a feeling that, in these clothes the only stroke that you’re going to worry about is heatstroke. Not to mention the fabric, it was definitely less than breathable – but you were the coolest person on the course!  


  Wilson Sports Golf Clubs  

golf clubs vintage

We all know Walter Hagen was one of the kings of golf in the middle of the 20th century and he falls short only of other legends, such as Jack Nicklaus and Tiger Woods.  

However, his legacy didn’t just stay on the course. He also created some of the first matching golf sets in his partnership with Wilson Sports, like these clubs from 1964. One of the most peculiar aspects about this ad, is how it tells us so much about its appearance and style, that it forgets to tell us about its performance! Did it make you play like Walter Hagen? We’ll never know. 


 Golf is a great game 

golf is a great game

While we don’t know exactly what year this ad was releasedwe can hazard a guess based upon the company B.G.I Golf clubs - that this ad was published some time around 1901.  

However, the date of this ad isn’t the most interesting feature. It’s what B.G.I stands for. These golf clubs were manufactured by no other than the Bridgeport Gun Implement Company located in Connecticut, USA. 

Guns and golf clubs all in the same company? Who would have thought? 


Great Beer Inventions  

golf ad vintage

Now, this isn’t actually a golf product, but who doesn’t love a snack? We think this ad is the perfect representation of golf in the 60’s.  

 When’s the last time that you were on a course and were (legally!) allowed to have a drink? I don’t think we’ll be seeing Tiger holding a beer and eating pretzel snacks anytime soon, do you?  

 Unfortunately for all of us, it looks like BEERKA has since gone out of business. I guess we’ll just have to stick with playing golf.  

 Penfold Golf 

penfold golf ad

Well… what can we really say about this 1971 Penfold Heritage ad, that was used in the Open Championship program?  

Penfold golf is British golf manufacturer of golf balls and golf ball equipment and is, in many cases, best known for being the favourite golf balls of Britain’s’ very own 007 James Bond. Sperhaps this ad and its double-entendre, are entirely fitting.  

Quite bold for 1971, don’t you think?  

Spalding Synchro-Dyned 

spalding golf club

“Reduce your Handicap as much as one third!” - declares this brilliant 1953 ad from Spalding.  

With their “new and advanced club design” you’re guaranteed to go from amateur to pro in no time – or not.  

We love this ad because you just can’t get away with these guarantees anymore. We know golfing is about practice and drive – otherwise we’d be out there with the pros already.  

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