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‘Tis the season! Fairy lights are draped over every window, the smell of chestnuts being roasted fills the air, and carolers are going around from house to house, singing the songs that we all know and love. Christmas is nearly everyone’s favorite holiday as families get together, and everyone is full of warmth, love and joy.

We’ve recently discussed conscious gift giving, we think it would be a good idea to encourage the people you love to receive gifts that are of long-lasting, creative and of utmost quality. If your friends and family members love golf as much as we do, we’ve got you covered! Here are some fun Christmas gift ideas that your family will LOVE:

1. Recyclable Golf Shirt

Nothing is better than looking stylish on the green... except looking stylish AND being eco-friendly! There are several brands who have been revolutionizing the golf apparel industry by making shirts that are entirely made from recycled material. 

golf shirt

Source: Ralph Lauren  

Brands like Adidas and Ralph Lauren have been releasing golf t-shirts made of material such as fully recycled sustainable cottonpolyester, or even plastic bottles! The shirts are lightweight, sleek and are well designed so as to help in moisture management. Investing in new clothing is something a lot of us love to do, as can be measured by the size of the fast fashion industry.

However, that’s why it’s important to think twice and to start investing in recycled products. Saving the planet has never been as easy as buying yourself a nice new shirt!

2. A Donation

We know what you’re thinking... this gift isn’t really a “thing.” What does it even mean to gift someone a donation? Sometimes, the best gift of all is doing something for others, and making a donation in someone’s name can be a priceless gift.

For example, by buying your golfer friend a ticket to the charity golf event of their favourite charity, you’re offering them a day of golfing fun, while also helping them make a contribution to their favourite cause.

Christmas is the time of giving, and we should spread the joy to as many people around us as we can. So the next time your friend talks about what cause they wholeheartedly believe in, take notes.

3. Portable Caddie

No caddie? No problem! You don’t need anyone to come out with you on the green and give you instructions. You can just carry a virtual caddie around in your pocket! This Voice Caddie is a bit on the pricier side, but can safely be considered an investment in your game.

It tracks your statistics, including swing speed, ball speed and carry distance. This can help you learn where you’re lacking, so you know exactly what aspect of your game you need to work on!

portable caddie

Source: Amazon

4. Handmade Gifts

Most people love receiving presents, especially ones that carry a lot of sentiment. For those who are more artistic and creative, a handmade present is one you should opt for. This can take on literally any shape or form: from making a painting of your friend’s favourite golf course, to creating a photo collage of all the good times your friend spent out on the green, a personal touch is often the best present you could give.

During Christmas, we tend to receive a lot of gifts. While we obviously love and our grateful for everything we get, there are always a few gifts that stand out, and it is not uncommon that the ones that stay with us forever are the ones that the people we love had invested the most thought and energy in.

Plus, at the end of the day, those types of gifts are affordable, sustainable and cause no harm to the environment!

5. Stainless Steel Bottle

We know that many people may think that it’s more important to keep drinking water during the summer, when the sun is hot and scorching. However, even if it’s not that sunny where you live (or golf!), we’ve already talked about how important it is to stay hydrated on the golf course, and how you should always make sure to keep a water bottle with you.

Many of us find it easier to run to the nearest corner store and buy a bottle of water from there, and guess what: an overwhelming majority of the time, these bottles are made of plastic. The dangers of plastic are widespread and well-known: it is not very biodegradable, it causes significant harm to the environment and wildlife, and it has been one of the main causes behind the overwhelming pollution problem we are facing today.

 steel bottle

Source: Yuhme

Investing in a stainless steel water bottle that your friend can take out onto the court is a better idea, as stainless steel is much a eco-friendlier option than a plastic water bottle. Your friend does not even need to use it necessarily just for water, but also for hot drinks.

Stainless steel is not prone to corrosion, so it can withstand liquids of a high temperature. It is all in all very durable and less prone to damage, not to mention that it is also very aesthetically pleasing and comes in a wide array of colours and designs!

6. Caddyboo Golf Towel

It is impossible to make a clean putt without a clean ball, and a golf towel helps you accomplish just that. The material embodying the Caddyboo Golf Towel is sustainable, imperishable and long-lasting. None of the leather used is animal based, further contributing to a golf towel that is eco-friendly.

The golf ball cleaner is enclosed in completely plastic free packaging, which is both bio degradable and recyclable. In addition, some limited special edition versions of the towel come with a donation to children supporting charities. The Caddyboo Golf Towel is the best sustainable present to help your friend step up their game.

golf towel

7. Home Golf Simulator

It’s happened to the best of us. We get out of bed, itching to go play a round of golf, but something stops us from doing so. Whether it’s the bad weather or quarantine restrictions, we just can’t go play a round of golf!

If your friend i an avid golfer who wants to get as much practice as possible from the comfort of their own home, they can. Invest in an indoor golf simulator, and you’ll never have anything come in the way of another golf game. With this Golf In A Box system, up to four players can enjoy another day out on the green (or the carpet, that is!)

8. Wonder Woman Head Cover

At the end of the day, nothing is better than the gift of empowerment. And what’s a better symbol of female empowerment than Wonder Woman herself! Your friend is bound to need a head cover, and the more fun and stylish, the better. Invest in a PGA Tour Superstore Wonder Woman Head Cover, and remind your friend what she’s capable of every time she is on that green.

head cover

Source: PGA Tour Superstore 

9. Golf Watch

Smart golf watches are another great way to track performance. From tracking your shots and drives, to allowing you an overview of the whole course, those GPS watches are user-friendly, lightweight, and are bound to help you step up your game.

While normal smart watches are also a good investment, some of the golf apps available do not have the same functionalities as golf-specific ones. So, if your friend is really into golf, a golf watch is a smart choice.

golf watch

Source: Amazon

10. Sustainable Golf Shoes

We all love receiving shoes as a present. They’re comfortable, they’re stylish, and we use them a LOT. However, it is always good to be mindful when we are choosing which choose to buy, and we should watch out to choose what is best not only for us, but the environment. Investing in shoes like these that are made entirely of recycled materials is the way to go this holiday season.


Author: Ban Beidas
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