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Luxury, quality, and reliability. Those are the words that often come to mind when one sees the words "Made in Switzerland"

However, that isn’t limited to products. We mentioned in a recent blog how Switzerland also makes for a great golf holiday destination, with endless golf courses and communities to choose from. That’s why we wanted to introduce you to Regio Golf, a platform that allows you to locate all the best golf courses, read golf-related news, participate in competitions and many more.

With a growing interest in Switzerland, an increasing number of golf courses are being made available with each passing year. Switzerland is home to some of the most picturesque views, and many enjoy golfing with a landscape of the Swiss Mountains before them. Regio Golf facilitates your finding of the golf course that you would feel is the most compatible with your taste. You can filter your choices not only based on cities or cantons, but also based on the number of holes you want to play, the club rating, and even the most intricate detail of whether or not the club has a cigar lounge! For golfers who don’t want to hit up the green, the same option is also available for exercise facilities, making Regio Golf a website with choices for all. So you don’t have to waste time googling where you want to spend your next golf vacation, this website brings all the information you need to you!

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Even for those who aren’t looking to spend a vacation in Switzerland and are not on the lookout for a course, Regio Golf is one of Switzerland’s finest sources for golf-related news, Regio Golf regularly features interviews with some of the most prominent figures in the golf industry, who tackle very interesting topics, such as how some golfers have dealt with Covid-19, and the parallels between the business world and golfing. The website also offers articles about Golf & Lifestyle, Golf & Sport as well as Golf & Business. For those feeling particularly competitive, Regio Golf regularly holds contests where fun awards are always up for grabs!

Regio Golf is also available in printed and high-quality yearbooks. The "Regio Golf - Dreiland (CH/Germany/France), Zurich-Eastern Switzerland and Bern" provides you with detailed information about golf courses, driving ranges and practice facilities, as well as the respective tournament program. Whether on the way, at home or in the office - the "Regio Golf Yearbook" is a real golf bible and a must for every golfer. It is published every spring in time for the start of the golf season. With the "Regio Golf" app, any edition can be called up everywhere and any time. This is the leading Golf Yearbook in Switzerland has been offering quality for 28 years.

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If you are in the golf industry, with options to advertise and reach a high-income and sporty active target group, the magazine can help those interested in expanding their own business as well! Of course, you can also find Regio Golf on Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram. Check out recent offers for the current golf season 2020 and 2021 here! There is a 25% early-bird discount until 30th of October! 

We decided to feature Regio Golf today because of our mutual love for golfing, and due to the fact that Regio Golf is not a mere website but is more of a community. Caddyboo is all about communities where golfers are empowered and where they have a chance to learn more and continuously work on themselves. A platform as such where golfers are constantly exposed to new tips, tricks and news is one that we wholeheartedly believe pushes golfers to the maximum and helps them yield the best results, whether it's on the green or in their at-home lives.

Luxury, quality, and reliability. Those are the words that often come to mind when one sees the words “Regio Golf

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Photo source: Regio Golf Facebook 


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