Do You Clean a Golf Ball With a Golf Towel? 6 Reasons Why You Definitely Should!

Do You Clean a Golf Ball With a Golf Towel? 6 Reasons Why You Definitely Should!

Mark, swing, and putt - this is what many people often believe are the most important steps in a game of golf. Though most might spend ages practising their aim or their putting, many often overlook how the simple act of cleaning a golf ball can go a long way, and really help a player in stepping up their game. Here are 6 reasons why you should start paying more attention to cleaning your golf ball properly:

1.  The Cleaner the Ball, the Cleaner the Putt

    The most obvious reason as to why your golf ball should always be squeaky clean is that the simple act of wiping your ball clean will help you achieve a more flawless putt. This is because being covered in mud, grass, and whatever dirt it may encounter on the course will make a ball more wind-resistant, with all the dirt accumulating in the dimples of the ball. Increased resistance results in less speed, shorter distances covered, and an overall imperfect putt. So the next time you’re out on the course, spend a little more time cleaning your golf ball, and see how much further it will go!

    2. Your Practice is Made Perfect

      Imagine yourself out on the course, after a long day of practice. At this point, you think your swing is nearly flawless, and you’re almost sure you’re aiming it right. You hit the ball, thinking it will fly across the green, but your golf ball seems to have a mind of its own, swerving left and right with every putt. You start to get frustrated - what are you doing wrong?!

      Truth is, as long as your ball is dirty, you’ll never know. With a dirty ball, it will be much harder to tell why the ball isn’t covering as much distance or going fast enough.  A cleaner ball with more spin is likely to give you an easier time during practice, since you’ll be able to pinpoint whether the ball flight is being affected by wind-resistance, or, for instance, by your aiming. Quickly rubbing off the ball after each play is likely to eliminate whatever external factors might be interfering with your shot, helping you better identify what you actually need to work on. Practice makes perfect, so perfect your practice!

      3.  No More Vanishing Golf Balls

      Has it ever happened to you that you’ve made a putt, went to get the ball, and it just seemed to have...disappeared? This is probably because the ball was too unclean, and seemed to be camouflaged with all the mud and grass. Constantly polishing your ball will ensure it retains its white colour, making it much easier to spot from miles away. So give your ball a quick wipe - your eyes won’t fool you again.

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      4. It Enhances Sustainability

      Not wiping down your golf balls constantly is bound to leave a stain, and the accumulated dirt is guaranteed to affect the ball’s performance. A quality golf ball towel that will properly remove all stains and leave your ball unsoiled is sure to increase its durability and make it last much longer. So instead of repeatedly having to invest in new golf balls, you can finally go get the new golf bag you’ve always wanted!

      5. Green Course - Green Game!

      It is no secret that a quick polishing of the ball is likely to consume a lot less water than many alternatives for keeping the ball spotless. Many golfers like to soak their balls in litres of water, or perhaps hose them down, after a long golf game. A golf towel that properly retains water and is likely to last for many rounds is a much eco-friendlier option that will not only save you the time of having to resort to a deep cleaning after a few rounds but will prevent you from wasting water.

      6. Because Who Wouldn’t Prefer It?

      The simplest and most basic reason you should clean your golf ball: the mere fact that it’s clean! Most of us like using things that are new, shiny, and spotless, rather than those that are old, worn-out, and soiled. Think of it this way: would you rather play with a golf club that is stained and rusty, or one that is pristine, and brand-new? The same applies to your golf balls! Your morale is undoubtedly boosted when you play a game that is clean, so make sure your equipment matches!

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      Author: Ban Beidas
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