5 Luxury Golf Products You Didn’t Know You Needed

luxury golf product

Everyone loves a good golf accessory, especially if it can help to improve your game. If you’re like the team here at Caddyboo, you’re not just looking to play a bit of golf – you’re looking to win, whether you’re in a tournament, or just playing 18-holes with your best friends. It’s about staying motivated, staying sharp and having the best game of your life.  

We’ve rounded up the top 5 luxury golf items to help you play better and win smarter.  

Footjoy Pro SL Boa Shoes Womens

If you love golf (and you know you do), you’ve heard of FootJoy. Heck, maybe you even already own a pair. But do you own a pair of the Footjoy Pro SL Boa golf shoes? In both men's and women's styles, These are unlike any others from the FootJoy collection. Featuring a memory foam interior and first class craftmanship, your feet will be the star of the course.  

 J Lindenberg Golf Polo

There’s nothing like J.Lindenberg when you’re talking about golf apparel. Especially when you look at their new “Green on the Green” collection. This shirt mixes both style and functionality. With its moisture-wicking and tech-jersey stretch fabric, you’ll be left feeling cool and unconfined while you play. You won’t ever play again without it. Get it in the 7 different colours available. 

 Footjoy Golf Glove

Another item from the FootJoy collection comes the StaSof Limited Edition golf glove. This glove provides maximum comfort and doesn’t slip, ensuring that your grip is secureknowing that you’re going to have a great game. It has moisture wicking fabric, precisely placed in the most potentially troublesome spotskeeping your hands dry, with you increasingly focused on your game.  

 Garmin S360 Golf Watch

If you’re getting really serious about your game, there’s no denying that the Garmin S60 GPS watch is going to be the product for you. This luxury item is a must have on the course, providing you with information regarding the precise yardage to greens, fully colour course imagery, hazard detection and more. With more than 40,000 preloaded courses from around the world, this sleek watch is bound to be your must-have. 

Caddyboo golf ball towel cleaner

Are you ever on the green, planning to make that perfect put to sink your ball and you pick it up only to realise it’s completely filthy? You’re up, your golf cart with golf towel is nearly 30ft away, and you have no other choice than to wipe that ball on your shirt. Well, what else are you going to do? Play with a dirty ball? Absolutely not! That’s not how winners work. That’s why your must-have item that fits in your pocket is Caddyboo Golf Towelthis all-in-one ball cleaner comes with a micro-fibre and a moisture sealing cloth, guaranteed to have your ball shining like new. It’s everything you never knew you always needed.  


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