Health Benefits of Golf

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Just enough

Golf is one of the sports that is suitable for players of every age and it has an evident positive effect on players’ health by providing a moderately intense physical activity. Golf players, spectators, and caddies can benefit from walking distances involved during the game by making up to 10,000 steps, which satisfies the daily activity recommendation for a healthy lifestyle. In addition to the walking distances, the numerous golf swings made by golf players during the game train arms, legs, back and abdomen providing a full-body workout, strengthening bones and preventing hip fractures. Through regular exercise, golf may also reduce the risk of chronic heart diseases and diabetes. 

Happy mind, healthy body

Various studies suggest that golf also provides psychological benefits and helps maintain the mental health of players. Regular and moderate sports activity boosts endorphins production, improving mood and increasing self-esteem. Likewise, golf is a great opportunity for socialising with your friends or other club members. A peaceful natural environment and fresh air help to escape from daily routine and promote great relaxation for your brain yet enhance your golf game performance and concentration. 

Sun is shining and so are you

Another beneficial aspect of golf is exposure to sunlight, especially in warmer regions with more sunny days throughout the year. Adequate time spent in the sun enables your body to easily obtain a sufficient amount of naturally derived vitamin D. “The sunshine vitamin” is responsible for our high spirits and helps to absorb calcium which is essential for multiple functions of our body. In addition, a sunbeam received by eye retina serves as a trigger for the release of serotonin that instantly makes you feel more motivated and energised. Since everything should be balanced in order to remain healthy, always remember to apply sunscreen to protect your skin and opt for sunglasses with additional UV protection. 

A natural lullaby 

After a long day on a green, sufficient but not gruelling exercising will improve the quality of your sleep during the night. Golf helps with insomnia and stimulates deeper sleep necessary for muscles and tissue recovery. Improved sleep, in turn, relieves stress and reduces anxiety, giving a fresh start to the day and preparing you for your future achievements.

Both amateurs and professionals can enjoy the health benefits of playing golf. Depending on your goals, golf can be your sufficient daily activity or an excellent addition to your main workout. We all know that a busy day at work may be stressful, but spending a couple of hours with your friends in the natural golf scenery can become your way to relax and ensure a long, restful sleep afterwards.

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