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best golf tips

PGA Golf professional and golf teacher Lukas Exner stumbled upon the game of golf by chance. After his parents had won a beginner’s golf course as a prize when he was a kid, he became acquainted with the sport. However, it was the passion for the game that made him stay. “The feeling of hitting the golf ball for the first time is addictive,” he told Caddyboo during a one-on-one talk, “the challenge is what motivates me the most.”

While some people, like Lukas, find excitement in the challenge, it is also normal to get demotivated when you can’t pinpoint the perfect training routine, or miss the ball with every swing. That’s why Caddyboo decided to have a chat with this golf professional to see what advice he can give in order to help us deal with the most common difficulties one might encounter while playing golf. Keep reading to find out which five tips you should always keep in mind as an aspiring golfer!

Tip 1: Separate Game Mode From Training Mode

The right practice and training routine is essential in helping you become a good golfer. However, as important as it is to concentrate on your practice routine, did you know that there are points when it’s even more important to not think about it at all?

“One of the biggest mistakes a golfer can make is to play the same way during training as one would during a tournament,” explains Lukas. There are some aspects of a golf that should only be applied during practice, and others that should only be applied during a game. “A basketball player might, during practice, talk to his coach about a certain way that he’s positioning the ball that might be wrong, and adjust his game based on that” says Lukas, “but he should never do the same during a tournament.” A very common error among golfers is the fact that they might still be out on the green, ready to compete, but their minds are still in “training-mode.” It is very important for a golfer to adjust their mindset based on which “mode” they are currently in and separate the two different settings of a golf game.

Tip 2: Don’t Calculate Every Move

Focusing a lot on how you’re playing during a game will help you do great, right? WRONG!

“When you’re on the golf course, you shouldn’t think about how to swing a golf club,” suggests Lukas, “when you think too much about how you’re moving your hips or your head, you cannot play golf!” Usually, when you’re up against an opponent, there is an increase in stress because of the competitive aspect of the game, the people watching, and the lack of time. Analyzing every small detail of how you’re performing is likely to just add to all the pressure you’re feeling already, and it might affect your game. So, the next time you’re competing, remember to focus on the thrill of the game only. Any other aspect can be dealt with in training the day after. “There is no single perfect tip,” explains Lukas, “find your routine, stick to it, and be patient. Don’t focus on being perfect.”

best golf tips

Tip 3: Adapt Your Training Routine

You’re in training, and it’s time to practice your swing. You’re sure you’re going to nail it! You walk onto the field, excited, and your first task is to merely swing your club and hit the ball. But no matter how many times you try to swing your club, it ends up hitting the air each time. You leave, demotivated and embarrassed - this task just seems too hard!

When asked about how to deal with a training task that might seem too frustrating, Lukas suggested making the task easier for a player, in order to boost their confidence. “I’d tell my students not to get angry because golf really is a hard sport, and I might then demonstrate a shorter swing that, when my student gets right, they get the feeling of having hit a good golf ball.” Your morale is as important as your physical preparation during a round of golf, and a good trainer is one that will help you keep your emotions in check as you move from one milestone to another. So, don’t get too frustrated if you can’t perfect a technique from the first try - or even the first one hundred tries. Celebrate the small victories along the way, they’ll remind you why you love the game so much.

Tip 4: Clean Your Golf Ball Regularly

When we asked Lukas what was the number one piece of advice he would always give his students, regardless of their level of skill, he quickly gave us the answer: “always make sure that your golf ball is clean!” He clarified that a dirtier ball is likely to make a putt more unstable (further explained in our blog post here), and that although many people assume that this step is not that important, doing so will help a golfer be as prepared as possible before a round. “Even more important is that it’s easier to mark a clean ball,” explains Lukas, “I would want to be able to see the mark very clearly. One basic factor to sinking more putts is to have a clean golf ball.” 

Lukas also expressed his adoration for the Caddyboo Golf Towel in particular, “you can clean your ball directly on the putting green with the Caddyboo towel,” describes Lukas, “you don’t have to walk to your golf bag, clean the ball, and then walk back to the green. It saves SO much time!”

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Author: Ban Beidas
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    Wow, such simple tips but they make sense and apply to everyone from the scratch golfer to the novice. Thank you Lukas.

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    The reason i bought a
    caddy -boo was to make sure my ball is as clean as possible. Ive saw guys putting with potato lookalikes then wondering why the ball moves off line etc. Great advice on all points

  • Mariia

    That is a very informative piece, thank you Lukas for taking the time and sharing important tips with us!

  • Lukas Exner

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    I’m happy to help you with your golf game :)

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