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We are extra happy to welcome our new partner Golf In Austria to our Caddyboo community! Austria is known for its breathtaking nature, architecture, culture, and also as a popular golf holiday destination in Europe - thanks to its various golf courses, clubs, and hotels! 

Golf in Austria is the perfect match for a golfer who either wants a lovely affordable golf weekend eating some Kaiserschmarrn or a luxurious golf getaway with a top-notch hotel near a golf course with unlimited access to Sachertorte! They have over 30 years of experience matching golfers to their perfect golf holiday in Austria. Whether the holiday is for a relaxing golf game or to work on one’s handicap. 

They have over 130 golf hotels, courses, and clubs to choose from and if one gets stuck on choosing from their existing packages, then they can always reach out to Golf In Austria’s individual travel advisors - what more can one ask for - a personalized vacation is sometimes all that one needs for relaxing and also working on their handicap between beautiful mountains and seeing pictures views. They value quality, self-development, and sustainable lifestyle - values that are also true to our Caddyboo brand. To learn more about our partner or to book a golf vacation in Austria, visit their website for more information: Source: Golf In Austria Facebook

Source: Golf In Austria Facebook

During the past 3 weekends, our partner has visited the Hanse Golf show at Hamburg, Golftage München and Rheingolf in Düsseldorf - the golf shows are a way of opening up the golf season in these cities. The three golf shows are usually visited by 15 000+ golf enthusiasts and everything one needs to know about golf or for playing golf can be found while visiting the shows.

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Our partner had a really successful 3 weekends visiting these shows - a lot of new connections created and positive vibes all through the events received! We could not be happier to have the Golf in Austria President, Manfred Furtner, spread the word in his traditional Austrian attire - Lederhosen and a Bavarian shirt - classy as ever and easy to spot in the golf show mayhem!

Source: Golf In Austria Facebook

Source: Golf In Austria Facebook

We love that they also value tradition and you can spot their team in traditional Austrian attire when they are visiting golf shows. At our partner’s stand, one could get information about the best golf holiday possibilities in Austria, have a chance to try different Austrian snacks and during the evenings participate in an insightful wine tasting event, where they could taste the best wines produced in Austria - last but not least, have a chance to learn about us and our Caddyboo pocket towel.

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Every golf enthusiast could see and touch our unique towel and some lucky raffle winners could take them home! Our innovative towel is both compact, durable and one of a kind! We, with our partner, strive to help golfers advance their skills through our products/services and our goal is to help them to step up their game and do what they can`t. We know that great things are coming, and together with Golf In Austria, we can contribute to the golf society even more!

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