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Calling all UK Caddybooers! If you’re an avid golf fan and want to learn more, we know there are countless sources to choose from. From the many articles about achieving a perfect putt to online educational videos, there are many options available to you. Here at Caddyboo, we’re very big fans of golf magazines in particular. They make information even more accessible because you can get all your golf news, tips, course reviews, equipment reviews and much more from one place. In addition, subscribing to a magazine makes you part of its community, where you could get invited to certain events, tournaments, and have unique offers (so you can finally buy the new golf merch you’ve always wanted)! Here are some of our favourite UK based magazines:

1. Golf Monthly

Available both in print and digital versions, Golf Monthly has been rendered one “with over a century of heritage and authority in a sport that continues to prosper and grow.” It has existed since 1911 and the first editor behind the magazine was golf champion, Harold Hilton. Today, readers have access to a wide variety of topics to read about and can even voice their own thoughts on the monthly online forums, where participants discuss a variety of topics, even things that aren’t golf-related. Readers can also participate in many different competitions, and win some limited-edition prizes through the website’s “win” tab. To subscribe, click here.

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2. UK Club Golfer

Arguably the most popular magazine among golfers in the UK, UK Club Golfer magazine is well-known for its extensive coverage of golf news. It is published regularly and delivered to all UK golf clubs, and a digital edition of the latest issue is usually available on their website. It offers an extensive list of courses in the nation, breaks down the regions further, and indicates what services each of these courses offer. Tour news are updated on a daily basis, with usually more than one update per day. This website, unlike many others, even has a “greenkeeping” tab where news about greenkeeping is offered. Even with regards to the most intricate aspects of the golfing game, this magazine has got you covered.

UK Club Golfer

3. Surrey Golf Magazine

Surrey Golf is the leading publication of Surrey County Golf Union, one of the oldest unions in the area. Surrey Golf is, therefore, the most reliable source for Surrey County golfers and is regularly distributed to keep them updated on county matters. It doesn’t stop there, with the magazine covering news happening all across the UK. The magazine isn’t exclusively available in print, with the website providing news about newly available products, golf and travel, and golf for juniors. The website even features its own “competitions” tab, where those interested can compete to win luxury prizes. The magazine also offers its very own virtual golf academy, where readers can browse through many articles. From course management to the secrets of a successful swing, information is available about anything one wishes to learn about! It is distributed three times a year, and you can grab your own copy from your local Surrey club.

Surrey Golf magazine

4. Women & Golf

The number of women joining the golfing world is on the rise, and it is a change that Caddyboo welcomes. With women and golf being one of the causes we wholeheartedly support, we are big fans of communities dedicated to the female golfer. Women & Golf provides just that by being an information hub that keeps its readers up to date about all golf-related things. The magazine offers review and recommendations about which latest golf fashion and equipment to invest in, where to go for your next golfing vacation, and competitions to participate in. You can participate in their competition to win your own Caddyboo Golf Towel (up until the 31st of July) which signifies our contribution to this cause. Its “instruction” tab is a channel of golf advice where golfers can learn new tips from golf coaches and instructors. To subscribe to the magazine’s free newsletter, click here!

5. Golfshake

If you’re an avid golfer, Golfshake is the magazine for you. This website offers unique services that use statistics from your very own game, analyze them, and give you personalized advice based on such scores. Their online Golf Handicap Service identifies what your handicap is from the comfort of your very own couch! All you would need to do is input the scores from your last three rounds, and the service will generate your handicap for you. Another useful feature is the Golf Score Tracker, which, based on the scores you input, identifies what your areas of improvement are. The magazine offers access to its many societies where members can sign up for one and become part of its golfing community. Of course, the magazine also updates readers on the latest news about the golfing world, travel, golf courses, and has a tab for even more tips than those that are personalized. The website also offers fundraising packs from which funds go to Prostate Cancer UK!

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6. National Club Golfer

Based in Leeds, National Club Golfer is the most highly-circulated UK golf magazine. Regardless of whether you’re an amateur or a pro, the magazine covers everything, from the most basic rules of golf to golf tips from the pros themselves. It covers news specific to each tour, so that readers can catch up with the specific tours in which they are interested in following and reading about. Its NGC Top 100 rankings feature courses all over the nation and in continental Europe that the magazine deems to be the very best, and it features interviews with some of the most prominent figures in the industry. To check out the magazine online, simply click here!

National Club Golfer

7. Bunkered

Bunkered is a Scotland-based golf magazine which features news, reviews, interviews, travel, and equipment. Their guides are divided into three different sections: society golf, winter golf, and holiday golf. Tours and courses relevant to each section are available so that readers can browse according to what they’re most interested in. For true golf enthusiasts, Bunkered is known for quizzes that will keep you scratching your head trying to come up with an answer. Bunkered is available on several other channels as well, and maintains a strong presence on YouTube and Facebook, for those interested in following them on several different platforms. Click here to subscribe!

bunkered uk

8. Golf News

As the name suggests, Golf News magazine ensures to continuously keep you updated on whatever is new in the golf community. It has such a large database of recent and old golf course reviews, that you will surely find reviews of some of your favourite courses. Its virtual golf day guide is one of its most unique features, which helps you find a golf venue near you or even list your own. If you’re the competitive type, keep an eye out for their “competitions tab,” lots of great prizes are up for grabs!

Golf News

9. Your Golfer Magazine

Your Golfer Magazine is a publication dedicated to ensuring that each individual reader receives the full golfing experience. The magazine is published on a quarterly basis, however, there are certain special editions that are worth taking a look at as well.  For instance, readers who are interested in reading exclusively about golf in Cheshire or South Yorkshire, you can find editions dedicated to just that. Your Golfer awards its favourite golf courses, and even has a Product Innovation of The Year Award, making it a magazine that encourages innovation in the golf industry, To start receiving your own free copy, click here!

10. Midlands Golfer Magazine

Midlands Golfer Magazine is a monthly UK publication. One can read reviews and tips, but also enjoy the personal anecdotes of some clubs and professionals as they report from their time in lockdown. What is particularly enjoyable is that the website has a tab dedicated entirely to women golfers, allowing them a platform, and encouraging female empowerment in the golfing world. The same exists for junior golfers who enjoy the game, making the magazine inclusive for all age groups, and not restricted in terms of the demographic that can enjoy it.

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