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Five Golf Holiday Destinations That You and Your Family Will Enjoy!

When was the last time you had a truly unforgettable holiday? When was the last time that you had a vacation so good, that you wouldn’t stop blabbering about it for days? Because of current events with the Covid-19 pandemic, many of us couldn’t go on proper vacations this summer, though we can’t wait to. So if you’re planning on going on a golf retreat during those last few days of summer, we’ve got you covered. You don’t have to do any research, because we’ve compiled a list of our favourite golf holiday destinations for you to visit:

1. Corsica, France

Sea? Check! Mountains? Check! Golf? Check! If you're a fan of a place that combines both relaxation and adventure, then Corsica is the place to be. A hike up the coast would greet you with many breathtaking citadels to explore, namely the famous Citadel of Calvi. You could also opt for a dip at the beautiful Rondinara Beach, where you can discover a world of underwater sights and colours. Corsica is also home to some of France’s most popular golf courses. Famous for their scenery, the island’s golf courses come with a unique oceanic view and tend to have a rustic feel. The Golf De Sperone golf club is Corsica’s most famous, and is indeed one to boast about. If you’re keen on having a luxurious golf experience in the middle of the mountains and the ocean, while also having other forms of entertainment, keep Corsica in mind.

golf club sperone

Photo Source: website of Golf Club Sperone

 2. Tyrol, Austria

If sunny vacations are not your thing, then don’t worry. At a place like Tirol, you can both golf and spend your holiday skiing amidst the beautiful Austrian mountains, far far away from the heat. Even away from the mountains, the historic old town of Innsbruck has a lot to offer, with historical landmarks like Hofburg and The Armoury gracing the city’s every block. With endless golf courses to choose from in the middle of the Austrian mountains, golfing has established itself as a popular sport. Its unique terrain and breathtaking scenery guarantee you a trip you are unlikely to forget. If you need help planning your trip, we’ve got your back. Just check out Golf in Austria and you won’t miss a thing. 

golf in austria

Photo Source: Facebook Golf in Austria 

3. Costa del Sol, Spain

If you say that a trip to Spain isn’t on your bucket list, then you’re probably lying. Out of all the famous vacation spots in the country, Costa del Sol is arguably the country’s most popular, solely for its beaches and golf courses. However, what most people probably don’t know is that you can also go skiing in the nearby Sierra Nevada hills on the same day! So if you’re interested in going on a ski trip in the morning, and hitting up the golf course later in the afternoon, Costa del Sol is the place to be. With more than 70 courses to choose from, there is an option that caters to everyone’s needs, with many golf societies being established in the city, such as Golf the Costa.

golf the costa

 Photo Source: Facebook Golf the Costa 

4. St. Andrews, Scotland

What better place is there to go on a golfing holiday, than the home of golf itself? Although it might not have the landmarks of a typical holiday like a hot beach or a cold mountain, the town undoubtedly has its charm. It is a cultural hub, boasting several museums, a botanic garden, and is even home to the third largest university in the world. The Old Course at St. Andrew’s is the world’s oldest golf course and was key in the development of the golfing game to what it contemporarily has become. Therefore, St. Andrews is a place that every golfer should visit at least once in their life, to learn about and appreciate how their favourite sport came to life!

St Andrews Links golf club

Photo Source: Facebook of St Andrew Links

5. Zürich, Switzerland

There’s so much more to Zürich than its chocolate, watches, and cheese, though those are good enough reasons to visit it anyway. Zürich is also home to some of the continent’s most visit-worthy golf courses. 18-hole courses such as Golfclub Zürichsee and Golf & Country Club Zürich which offers visitors a golfing experience beyond comparison. The golf courses outlook the most picturesque of sceneries, and although they are hilly, they are still enjoyed by golfers of all levels of skill and experience. For some of the city’s most significant golf courses, check out Regio Golf and find the course most fitting for you!

regio golf and Rüdiger Böhm

Photo Source: website Regio Golf, Regio Golf Talk mit Rüdiger Böhm 

Which is your favourite city to go on a golfing retreat?

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Tips for Safe Travel:

Now that we’ve helped you plan your itinerary, we want to make sure you stay safe and healthy during your travels. Travelling often involves long trips in closed spaces, where people might be sitting in close proximity to one another, which makes one especially likely to transmit the Coronavirus. Please keep the following tips in mind before you embark on that plane or train:

1. ALWAYS keep your mask on. We know you’ve heard it before, but wearing a mask is the most foolproof way to avoid contracting the virus. Masks help prevent the spread of water droplets that come out of a person’s mouth, which would, therefore, prevent the spread of a virus itself. What is even better than a surgical mask is one with a respirator. Not only is it more sustainable and lasts longer but is much more reusable and unlikely to pollute the environment. With 3D printing, it has become easier than ever to get your own respirator cartridge today, and you’ll feel safer than ever on vacation.

2. Buy a face shield If possible, a face shield is also a good piece of equipment to invest in, as it could offer even further protection. We know it might feel weird to have a mask on in all of your vacation pictures but always remember: better safe than sorry.

3. Wear gloves. When travelling, there are surfaces that are likely to be touched by many people, like grab rails on buses, or elevator buttons. Viruses can survive on contaminated surfaces, albeit for a limited amount of time. So try to avoid contact with such places altogether, however, wear gloves if you cannot, as they will act as a barrier and protect your hands from the virus.

4. Wash your hands. After taking off your gloves, always wash your hands with soap and water for a minimum of 20 seconds to make sure that your hands are not contaminated at all.
5. Pay in Card vs. Cash. If you’re used to paying for souvenir shops or restaurants in cash, think twice. Cash circulates a lot and is in the hands of many different people. Contactless forms of paying, such as paying with your credit card, is your better option.
6. Don't forget your pocket-sized Caddyboo Golf TowelSleek and weightless, perfect to take with you on golf holidays. Simply wet the towel before you play, pop it in your pocket, and make the perfect putt.

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    Caddyboo Golf Towel visits Austria ⬆️


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