6 Essentials You Should Always Keep in Your Golf Bag

golf bag essentials

The sun is out. The weather hasn’t been this nice in a while. You cannot imagine a better way to spend your day than on the green! You start getting ready to head out the door...but wait! You forgot to pack your golf bag! Here are six essentials that you should always make sure to keep in your golf bag before heading out to the green for a round:

1. Water and Sunscreen

Spending long hours out on the field under the sun may sound like a fun plan, but it also means you are at a higher risk of getting dehydrated or sunburnt. Keeping a bottle or two handy is the smarter choice, as staying healthy and hydrated is the most important thing. Carrying a bottle of sunscreen is also very important, especially if you make sure to keep reapplying the lotion. Sometimes, you can’t even feel the sun’s hot rays on your skin, but end up going home with a very painful sunburn and an equally painful(ly embarrassing!) tan line.

2. Tees

Although they’re small, tees are very important in a game of golf. They help prop up the ball, and without a tee, you would probably struggle to play! However, because they are so small, they are so much easier to lose or misplace. There are many eco-friendly options that you could opt for, in order to make sure that, even if your tees get lost, they would not harm the environment around them. Having a bunch of tees in your golf bag surely won’t hurt, just in case you end up losing some. They’re so light, that you won’t feel them in your bag anyway!

Check out these sustainable tees made from 100% bamboo by Green Golf.

green tees

Source: Green Golf

3. A Ball Marker

A ball marker is a very important tool in helping players mark the last position of their ball on the green. Without it, you might prevent fellow players from putting! It is important to make sure you have some type of object that is small, flat, and can be used to “mark” the ball, like a coin. However, it is even better to have an actual ball marker with you: it is harder to misplace and is a lot more sustainable. In addition, you could buy one that suits your tastes and reflects your style, while customizing it so that you are supporting your favorite charities at the same time! So never forget to invest in a high quality ball marker: it is VERY important. If you are looking for one of those, look no further because we have a perfect match - Caddyboo Marker!  

best golf marker

4. Golf Balls

I know what you’re thinking, it may seem too obvious that you need to take some golf balls with you - otherwise, you can’t even play! However, you should probably carry a few extra balls. A pretty common golfer’s joke is that balls seem to have a mind of their own: you make a putt, the ball disappears, and just never comes back! Having a few more in your bag will help make sure that nothing stops you from finishing a good play, and that losing a golf ball wouldn’t be a problem. Investing in sustainable golf balls is also a good idea: they will not harm the environment, nor would you have to replace them too often!

Check out these eco-friendly, biodegradable gold balls by Albusgolf! 

eco-friendly golf balls

Source: Albusgolf

5. Golf Glove

A golf glove is a very important piece of golfing equipment, and you should never forget to pack it. This is especially helpful if you’re a beginner: having a golf clove helps you have a better grip, more control and, ultimately, a better putt. It also helps protect your hand: gripping a golf club can cause a lot of friction, and may harm the skin on your palms. That’s why, always make sure you have a golf glove on hand - you’ll protect your game and yourself!

6. Golf Towel

A golf towel can do wonders for your game. By wiping your ball clean after putting, you make sure that all the dirt on the ball isn’t doing anything to affect your game or slow you down. A clean ball is also much easier to spot on the field than a dirty one, as it won’t camouflage with the grass and dirt. And most importantly, who would want to play with a dirty ball?! We like our things clean, and that includes our golf equipment. So keep a golf towel handy, it is sure to improve your game (and maybe you won’t have to lose your ball again!). Caddyboo Golf Towel will suit you well for these purposes!

best golf towel

What is one thing you always make sure you have in your golf bag? Let us know in the comments below!


Author: Ban Beidas
Caddyboo Team

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