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Caddyboo Golf Events

The Martin Wild Willow Wood Golf Day

The Martin Wild Willow Wood Golf Day
What’s better than spending your day at a golf tournament under the sun with some friends? We’ll tell you: a golf tournament under the sun with some friends while also raising money that would be dedicated to a good cause.

Matchen Mot Cancer Golf Day

golf charity event
Matchen Mot Cancer is a non-profit organization initially founded by Johan Dagerhamn to raise funds for people living with cancer, helping them overcome the fight against it. Since 2014, Matchen Mot Cancer organized various charity events, including golf days, to raise money for cancer research and rehabilitation.

Anna Golf Tour 2020

Anna Golf tour
Caddyboo contributed to the Anna Golf Tour 2020! Communities like Anna Golf offer women golfers not only a space to practice the sport, but also a family of fellow golfers who share similar ambitions and interests. Anna Golf hosts annual events where its members can engage in friendly competitions and get together for a fun day of golfing.