Supporting Children Charities: Missing Children Europe & Caudwell Children

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People are always planning ahead. Every decision we make, we consider what it means for our future. Every step we take is in pursuit of a better tomorrow. This is because it is the most human thing of all to wish for a better tomorrow, and to want improvement. That’s why, we should be doing our best to those who are going to inherit this future of ours: our children.

Everyone wants the best for their children: the best home, the best education, and the best life in general. While we can do our best to make sure our children grow up to be happy, safe, and sheltered, sometimes life challenges us with situations that are beyond our control, and puts us, and our children, in an unfortunate place. The best thing we can do is make sure that our children come out of such situations feeling stronger, more supported, and more empowered than ever. Here at Caddyboo, we want to bring out children’s inner superheroes.

We are constantly on the lookout for partners who will help us nurture the causes we so deeply believe in, and help them come to life, including child empowerment. For this reason, we partnered up with two of the most important children charities that are helping make a difference: Missing Children Europe and Caudwell Children. By participating at their golf events, we hope to contribute to a present when all children are happy and safe.

Missing Children Europe is a Brussels-based organization which hopes to decrease the number of children who annually go missing or are sexually exploited. By supporting victims and their families, they hope to contribute to a safer living environment, and eliminate this issue in Europe. Missing Children Europe recently held their annual golf day on the 28th of September at the Royal Waterloo Golf Club. However, due to poor weather conditions, the organization was unfortunately forced to cancel the golfing event that 150 participants were to partake in. Nevertheless, Missing Children Europe did not disappoint, and hosted a lovely charity dinner  prepared by renowned Chef Hugues Mattagne. Having enjoyed a mouth-watering dinner, participating in a raffle and an auction, attendees raised one of the highest number of funds since 2005.

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We contributed by offering our Caddyboo Golf Towel to the attendees, who were impressed by the tool. Caddyboo is contributing even further by having a  Story Edition Caddyboo Golf Towel, proceeds of which will be donated to Missing Children Europe. Don't miss your chance to contribute to the good cause and help to protect children!
limited edition golf towel

Caddyboo is also collaborating with UK based organization Caudwell Children. Caudwell Children is a charity who aims to support children living with disabilities by allowing them access to whatever treatment they may need, encouraging them to become more active, and supporting their families and loved ones. Their vision is to have “a world where all disabled children and their families have choice, opportunity, dignity and understanding.”

We will also be offering a Story Edition Caddyboo Golf Towel for Caudwell Children, sales proceeds from which will be dedicated to them. Don't miss your opportunity to help children and contribute to the good cause by ordering your Caddyboo Golf Towel! 
limited edition Caddyboo Golf Towel

By offering those organizations customized version of our towel, we hope to tell their story. We hope to tailor every single detail to make it representative of them. We hope to catch people’s awareness and attention and encourage them to invest more in products that will help them contribute to a cause. Purchasing a golf towel is easy, what’s more difficult is purchasing a golf towel that will help improve the world around you.

Children are filled with unlimited potential, and they have a brimming energy inside of them that is yearning to do something great with the world. That is why, our mission is to allow them the means to make something of their potential. We must nurture them, make them feel safe, and foster their growth constantly. Most importantly, we must make sure they believe in themselves, grab every challenge by the throat, do what they can’t.

They may be small, but they’re stronger than we will ever know.


Author: Ban Beidas
Caddyboo Team

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