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According to The World Cancer Research Fund, there were 18 million cancer cases in the world in 2018, and this number is only growing. Fighting cancer is one of the biggest challenges of the 21st century, with every six death in the world being cancer-related. Organisations like Match Mot Cancer are doing what they can’t by connecting people and focusing attention on a cause as important as this one.
Matchen Mot Cancer is a non-profit organization initially founded by Johan Dagerhamn to raise funds for people living with cancer, helping them overcome the fight against the disease. Since 2014, Matchen Mot Cancer organized various charity events, including golf days, to raise money for cancer research and rehabilitation. The mission of Matchen Mot Cancer is not only to contribute to the fight against cancer but also to unite everyone whose life had been affected by the disease and remind them that they are not alone in their battle.  

Up until this very day, Matchen Mot Cancer managed to raise a total of total 1 140 752 Swedish krona in funds, of which 125 217 Swedish krona raised in 2020. This year, we at Caddyboo got a chance to support Johan and the whole Matchen Mot Cancer team during their golf day on 29th of August 2020. The event took place at Åkersberga Golf Club and with around 160 participants, each of which received a Caddyboo Golf Towel as a gift to thank them for their contribution and support. Considering the unprecedented times which the world is experiencing and the current pandemic-related restrictions, all the competitions were held outside. 

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Photo source: Matchen Mot Cancer Facebook

Thankfully the weather was good enough to be able to enjoy the game nonetheless, and no one seemed to mind the light rain. The competition was very intense and all teams displayed sportsmanship, with the winning team for this year being Özz Nûjen! Second place went to team Tony Andersson and the third to Dagerhamn Åslin! Congratulations! 

 matchen mot cancer winners

Winners of the Matchen Mot Cancer

matchen mot cancer golf day

Photo source: Matchen Mot Cancer Facebook

Next week we are going to have an interview with Johan Dagerhamn himself from Matchen Mot Cancer, and we will have a chance to receive some insight from the mind behind this brilliant organization, and the man who, himself, fought cancer twice!

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Author: Ban Beidas
Caddyboo Team

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