Innovative Events in the Time of Covid-19

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We all know that we live in unprecedented times.

The COVID-19 disease is a problem that seems to have come out of nowhere. It has forced our world to come to a halt and rethink all of the strategies to which we were accustomed. In other words, it has forced us to come up with innovative solutions to problems and to become more creative than ever. Creativity is one of our three core values here at Caddyboo, and we love to offer our support to charities and organizations that strive to be more and more creative and everything that they do.

The Stilton Sniffers Ballon Race is an epitome of the innovation, flexibility and adaptability that we all need in a rapidly evolving world like today’s. The race is a very creative way to raise funds for a very important cause from the comfort of one’s own home. On the 14th of September, The Red Square in the heart of Moscow saw the launching of bouts of balloons all racing to the top. The organization used a very creative tactic of using some of the world's newest technologies, as well as live weather data, in order to track all of the balloons and determine which one makes it to the top, all from the comfort of one’s own couch. The event has made it possible to make the best out of a bad situation and managed to raise money for both the The Welcombe Hills School as well as The Shakespeare Hospice in order to empower children and families alike. We wanted to show our support by donating our Caddyboo Golf Towel to the winner of the race. We hope that next year we can support them in their race to face golf day and be able to participate and contribute even more without any restrictions to stop us.

Another organization that didn’t let Covid-19 come in the way of a fundraising event is the Daisy Chain Golf Day. The Daisy Chain is an organization that, since 2003, has been a safe haven for children living with autism. The Daisy Chain has been providing them with a community where they can feel empowered, supported and heard. Since child empowerment is a cause in which we invest deeply, we wanted to partake in this event as soon as we heard of it.caddyboo golf towel daisy chain

Despite restrictions and changes due to the Coronavirus, the golf day seemed to have gone really well. 60 golfers were present, and were divided into 15 teams of 4, all of whom were feeling motivated and ready to compete with one another. As a token of our old support, we decided to donate some of our Caddyboo Golf Towels for the participants to take out with them on the green in order to help them achieve a better putt and step up their games. The towels proved very helpful as several of the participants had taken the towels out on the green and were very impressed with the cleanliness of their balls. After a long day of intense competition, the winning team was Brewin Dolphin with 91 points. However, all the participants were champions as over £3.5K were gathered and raised because of this golf today. In order to learn more about Daisy Chain check out our IG TV talk with CEO Neeraj Sharma.

Despite the challenges we are often forced to confront, there’s still a lot that we can do in order to do what we can’t. Through these challenges, we learn but there is nothing that would ever be too difficult to stop us from wanting to give back and help those who need it the most. Through these challenges, we learn that we can always make the best out of hardships and use them for our own personal growth and the broadening of our creativity. Through these, we learn that together we can always find a way to step up our game.

We all know that we live in unprecedented times, and with unprecedented times come out unprecedented opportunities. It’s our best chance to make the best out of them.

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Author: Ban Beidas
Caddyboo Team

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