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Caddyboo supports the Ladies Golf Day & RMHC Ireland Golf Classic

For the past few months, here at Caddyboo, we’ve been working hard to give back, make a difference, and contribute to causes that advocate for the empowerment of women and children. By raising awareness and donating funds, we firmly believe that those events change the world by allowing everyone a voice. That’s why, last week, we decided to help shed some light on some of these issues by participating in not one, but two, very important golfing events!

The first of the two events is the Ladies Golf Day, which took place on Thursday the 17th of September at the beautiful 7 Fontaines golf club. The ladies sure lucked out, with the weather being nice and sunny, perfect for a few rounds of golf! With 3 different categories of competition depending on handicap level, ladies had to compete among themselves and fight for a spot in the final of the AFG Ladies Cup. The winners Laurence Levis, Laurence Gambade and Véronique Servais were generously celebrated at the award ceremony. However, no one went home empty-handed as we donated Caddyboo Golf Towels to all participants as a show of our advocating for female empowerment. Needless to say, the ladies loved it as much as we loved helping them step up their game! The next event is on 15th of October, stay tuned and follow us on Caddyboo Instagram!

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The issue of women empowerment is a pressing issue that, here at Caddyboo, we take very seriously. Despite golf having been a golf-dominated sport in the past, it is now opening its doors to women, too, letting them know that they have a spot on the green. However, our support is not only limited to women in the sporting world. We vouch for equal opportunities everywhere, whether on the green, in the office, or at home. Supporting events like the Ladies Golf Day means supporting women everywhere, not just those who might participate in the competition. It means supporting female communities where women can help each other fight for equal rights and opportunities. It means supporting the woman with whom you might share a home or an office cubicle.

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The second of the two events is the Ronald McDonald House Charities golf classic at the Dún Laoghaire Golf Club, with 28 teams eager to compete. Covid-19 restrictions were put in place, meaning that several competitions, including longest drive, nearest the pin, and the very famous Yellow Ball could unfortunately not take place. However, RMHC still did what they can’t to make sure the golf day was as enjoyable as ever, even hosting a raffle where many coveted prizes were up for grabs!  All competitors were able to take their new Caddyboo Golf Towels, which were a gift from us, for a test drive on the course - and boy did it come in handy throughout the day! The McDermotts secured last year’s winning title by winning again this year. However, all the attendees were winners, as together, they raised a whopping €35,000 for the children. To know more about RMHC and its contribution check out Caddyboo IGTV with Marian Carroll.

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Children, regardless of their backgrounds and living situations, all deserve to be taken care of. We think that every single child is full of unlimited potential to do what they can’t, however, the sad reality is that many children are deprived of an opportunity to do so. There are children who, at a very young age, are often confronted with challenges that make it difficult for them to focus their energies elsewhere. There are children who often have to fight battles so big that even adults might struggle with. The likes RMHC are helping tilt the scales so that those little superheroes have it in them to fight, and, day by day, make the best of their lives and their abilities. When one is so young, it is increasingly difficult to take on a challenge alone, which is why we also believe in the empowerment of families as a whole, and not just the child. An environment that is supportive and nourishing is what a child needs in contrast to one that is full of fears and anxieties, and by supporting the families of children in need, that is what we aim and hope to achieve.

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By empowering all these women and children, events like these are pushing them to keep doing what they can’t. The fight for a world full of growth, creativity, and sustainability is not an easy one, but it becomes a lot less difficult with a helping hand. We hope that our Caddyboo Golf Towel does not just empower people to step up their golfing game, but rather, that it becomes a symbol of all of these very important causes, and that it continues to support, to educate, and to empower.

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Author: Ban Beidas
Caddyboo Team

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